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              50 Year Club Newsletter

Editor Ed Shahady ‘60                             Volume 6 Issue 3, October 2015

Class of 1965 “Septimi” Celebrates 50th Reunion

Table of Contents (pages) The Class of 1965 returned to campus on June 19-21 to celebrate their 50th. The following re-
1. Class of 65 - 50 year re-   marks reflect the memories of the reunion from some of the members of the class.
union and class of 60 - 55th

Reunion.                       Larry Meagher. Reflecting on the busy, exciting and fulfilling thr ee days of our long antici-
2. Fr. Jim Fleming Message     pated WJU Class of 1965 50th Reunion, I am reminded of the convoluted memories of other, long
3-5 . Class of ‘65 Memories    past, significant events of life. As in those cases (we all have our own list), images of this most

6 . 50 Year Club Lecture

7. Fr. Laut.                   “memorable” reunion – wind up as a jumble of one's recollections of one's expectations; and, of

8 . Stan Marchlenski           the immediate and long term memories of those three days, and of the events, “as they occurred”.

9. Class of ‘61- 55th Reunion  All admixed, (as in hospital and pharmaceutical parlance), as it were, in the telling and re-telling,
10. Pat Gannon Message         seen through the prism of our expectations of the event, – we now have our memories. As a paral-
11. 50 Year Club Report        lel, I am reminded of the weeks and days in the mid 1980's preceding my invitation to interview

12. Cristo Rey Academy

13. Class of ‘60 Memories for two apparently interesting position in Nashville – a city and state never before visited. Imag-
14. 50 Year Club By-Laws es formed, about the institutions, the area, the people, and more. - based on either the description
                               of the 'hosts'; or my own (pre-www) research – and these formed life long images, rock solid and
clear my mind's eye. Months, and years after our relatively brief, three year experience in Nashville, my mind still battles
to determine which of my two images of that area is the real one.

The pre-conceived images, or those actually lived. The former often still rule! s the months preceding WJU Reunion 2015
evolved into weeks, and those into the final days – those images of expectation, excitement, and even concern (for suc-
cess, fulfillment, etc.) transformed into “the” reality. The good news is, that both those “imaginings” and the memories of
what “actually” transpired – are both good, if not great. Events, expected, almost unimaginably unlikely, may or may not
have actually taken place. But, I still relish the memory – the O'Kane's and Bertie's rendition of “If I Had a Hammer”; or
an Ed McGee monologue, rendered in a dialect neither old world, or new. Tom Vogel, actually beating me at golf; and,
along with Lu, serving as the perfect MC's for the warm and fuzzy 50 Year Club induction ceremony. Also, Jon, “the
Donald” Letzkus, perfectly framing the issues and tone for what we now know as the profound “Issues” Campaign of
2016. (See page 3 for more memories)

  Class of 1960 Celebrates Their 55th Anniversary and Performs Gambol Revisited

Many of the members of the class of 60 and others enjoyed watching a bunch of 76 plus year olds perform the Gambol.
The chorus line pictured below performed several numbers including the famous “Carolina Kick”. Sid Sonneborn
represented his late wife Sandy Piper Sonneborn ‘60. They also sang “The Night They Invented Champagne”, “Ballin’ th
Jack”, “Carolina in the Morning” and “Those Were the Days”. The grand finale was the original Wheeling College Alma
Mater written by Rev. Ed Gannon, S.J.

                                        More great memories were provided by Fred Caruso
                                        singing “Day-O”, Don Mercer on his clarinet playing a
                                        medley of “Beatles Songs” . Ed Shahady as master of
                                        ceremonies brought “Ducknik” back to the stage. John
                                        Mensore performed 5 songs and received a standing
                                        ovation. Carolyn Cannon organized the chorus and had
                                        them practice via conference calls and practices before
                                        the Friday evening event. It was a fun event and brought
                                        back many of the great memories of our college days.
                                        Get ready for our 60th. (see page 13 for more memories)

(R-L) Fred Caruso, Ed Dennison, Connie Megna Weaver, Sid Sonneborn, Carolyn Cannon, Barry Kerrane, and Bob Maybury
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