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50 Year Club Newsletter

Editor Ed Shahady ‘60                                                         Volume 7 Issue 3, November 2016

Our Town Our College Highlight 2016 Reunion

Table of Contents           Most WC/WJU alumni reunions produce reminiscences of favorite teachers, unforgettable fellow

(pages)                     students, and occasionally, dramatic or tragic events from the past. On Friday evening some of
1-3. Town Hall Celebration  that occurred in the form of seven short skits or vignettes, written, rehearsed (a little) and played
4. President’s Message      by members of the first, eight graduating classes. Familiar stuff: old grads recalling days of yore.
5. Climate Change           What made this year different - even unique - is that Dr. Paul Orr, who

6. Alumni Scholar

7. Senior Ambassadors began teaching English classes in the fall of 1956, agreed to partici-
8. WJU Archives             pate and provide comment, interpretation, perhaps even rebuttal from
9. Value of Reunions        the faculty perspective to the scene just enacted. This could be said to
10. Hall of Honor           be a "call and response" format, but that doesn't do justice to what Dr.

11. Impact of Jesuits

12. 50 Year Club            Orr was contributing.

The model for the dual stage presentations by Dr. Orr and the alumni ensembles was the clas-
sic American play, "Our Town," by Thornton Wilder. The principal role in that play is the
Stage Manager, a combination narrator and interested observer. Dr. Orr's character possesses
those qualities and more... thus the title: "Our Town... Our College." The setting of the vi-
gnettes is the Wheeling campus (with one exception), either an office, the cafeteria, or Mac's
Bar. The time is mostly the first few years of the school's existence, but there are a few con-
temporary scenes. John Egan McAteer ‘61 provided organizational leadership for the activi-
ty. The following is an abbreviated description of each of the vignettes.                             Dr Paul Orr Stage Manager

Skit 1-Year Before Orr Wr itten by Bar bar a Cr eamer Yeager ‘59

Time mid-September 1955 back table Swint Hall dining room. This
story describes a discussion with Barbara Yeager's cousin a senior at
Charleston Catholic who is considering colleges and is visiting the
campus. The highlight of the vignette was how the female students the
first year that lived in the home of the cloistered Visitation Nuns
known as the Mount. Before the first social of the year we (girls) were
warned by Sister Aquines about the dangers of the path between the
college and the Mount. Sister told us the path is lined with bushes Pat Cipoletti May ‘61, Sheila Gallagher Mozer ‘61,
and there are veterans lurking in the bushes who are not after your Barbara Creamer Yeager ‘59, Dottie Toresse Bardin ‘61
purses. (continued on the page 2)

            Class of 1967 to Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary June 23-25, 2017

Fr. Jim Fleming gives 50 Year Club       Reunion committee members will be calling all members of the class to
diploma to Jeannie Barrett Hamilton ‘66  encourage attendance at the reunion. Committee members include John
                                         Delaney, Jim DiPiero, Ray Dombrosky, Bud Doyle, Henry Giese, Judy Hock-
                                         ing Higgs, Tom Marchlen, Skip Miner, Jane Rohner Morgan, Rogers O'Neil,
                                         Dave and Betsy McKenna Quinn, and Ginny Sheil Scott. Watch for future is-
                                         sues of the newsletter for more information about other activities specifically
                                         for your class. The 50th reunion is a very special time to celebrate the great
                                         times that we all had at Wheeling College (AKA Wheeling Jesuit University).
                                         Activities include the 50 Year Club diploma ceremony where all members of
                                         the Class of 1967 receive a 50 year diploma. We need stories that reflect the
                                         memories of the Class of 1967. Please send them to Ed Shahady at esha-
                                (use Microsoft Word - 300 to 600 words). Also if you have pic-
                                         tures, please send them to Ed in a jpeg format.
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