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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3                                    50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                          PAGE 10

Hall of Honor Inductees

In 2009 the Alumni Council created the Hall of Honor to provide alumni with a voice in recognizing former class-
mates, faculty, and staff for their contributions to their profession, society and the WJU community. Awards were
made to deceased members of the classes of 1961 and 1966.

                                   The Class of 1961 award, given to Dennis Keogh was accepted by his wife
                                   Susan. Immediately after graduation Dennis joined the Marine Corps and
                                   served as an officer. After military service he joined the State Department
                                   and became a foreign service officer. He
                                   made 25 trips to the troubled region of Na-
                                   mibia where fighting had claimed 100,000
                                   lives over a 17 year period.
                                                    During that time U.S. negotiators
                                   mediated an accord that would pave the way
                                   to eventual elections and peaceful transition
                                   of power. In March of 1984 Dennis took his
                                   26th trip to South Africa to set up a US liai-
                                   son office to meet with the monitoring com-
                                   mission the was overseeing troop withdraw-
                                   al. Dennis was killed by a bomb explosion
                                   on April 15,1984. Dennis was posthumous-
                                   ly recognized with the Presidential Citizens
                                   medal by President Reagan and the Secre-
                                   tary's award by Secretary of State George
Fr. Jim Fleming presents award to  Shultz. He is buried in Arlington Cemetery
Susan Keogh                        among his brother Marines killed in Beirut.         Dennis Keogh

                                   The second Hall of Honor award
                                   went to Tom Regan a member of the
                                   Class of 1966. His brother Michael
                                   accepted the award. After graduation
                                   Tom joined the Marines. In 1967
                                   Tom became a first lieutenant and a
                                   field artillery officer. He was serving
                                   with Lima Company, 4th Marines in
                                   Quang Tri Province South Vietnam.
                                   Fellow marine Tom Madden de-
                                   scribed the flash flood of September
                                   17, 1967. Because of the monsoon
                                   season the rivers flowing south were
                                   flooding their banks. Tom’s unit was
                                   guarding the bridge over the Song
                                   Cam Lo River. The river had risen 30
                                   feet in in a week and was cresting
                            over the bridge. That night the river
Tom Regan                rose another 25 feet and a flash flood

developed. We were ordered to evacuate in the darkness of the middle           Fr. Jim Fleming presents award to Michael
of the night. Tom and I had reached relative safety when we heard oth-         Regan.
ers calling for help. Tom instantly told me to continue to the artillery fire
to provide illumination. Tom turned and waded into the fast moving cur-
rents—he did not waiver—that was the last time I saw Tom alive. Decades later at reunions I heard stories from fellow
marines about how Tom saved their lives. Tom was a hero in every sense of the word. He gave his life willingly to try
to save others. He did so quietly without fanfare.
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