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PAGE 12                                         50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                             VOLUME 7 ISSUE3

         50 Year Club

The following individuals were elected as Club officers and board members to serve
June 2016-June 2017. President-John Glaser ‘66, 1st Vice President-Al Reed ‘60,
2nd Vice President-Don Mercer ‘60, Secretary-Terri Grammer Haid ‘63, Past Presi-
dent-Dan Haller ‘61. Members at Large - Barbara Creamer Yeager ‘59, John Eagan
McAteer ‘61, Fr. John DiBacco ‘62, Geno Julian ‘64 and
JJ Lauer ‘64, Larry Meagher ‘65, Lillian Gangwere Cale ‘66

By-Laws: Active Membership: (1) All graduates of Wheeling Jesuit University upon
the 50th anniversary of the graduation of his or her class. (2) All former members of

the class who have attended at least one semester.

Charter Membership: indicating the original or founding members shall be open to

all members of Classes of 1959 and 1960 who are qualified for Active membership. Davitt McAteer ‘66 receiving his 50

Honorary Membership: shall be extended to the President of Wheeling Jesuit Uni- Year Club Diploma from President
                                                                                       Jim Fleming
versity and to any other friend of the university.

Posthumous Membership: shall be open to those who were otherwise eligible for active membership but are deceased prior
to the 50th anniversary of the class.

Annual Meeting: Conducted at the time of the 50 year r eunion.

By-Law Changes: Recommended by the executive committee and appr oved by the member s at the annual meeting

Executive Committee: Consists of all four officer s, member s at lar ge, and the immediate past pr esident, the alumni
director and a representative of the Alumni Council, will serve as the governing body of the organization. The president
of the organization will serve as chair of the committee. The executive committee shall meet periodically by conference
call or in person if needed. These meetings will be called by the Chair. The committee will meet in person at least one time
a year at the time of the 50th reunion.

Committees: Committees and task for ces can be appointed by the Pr esident and or Executive Committee as need-

Senior Ambassadors: Senior Ambassador s ar e par t of the WJ U 50 Year Club. Inaugur al nominees will be gr adu-
ates from the classes of 1959 through 1968 who have distinguished themselves through one or more of the following: vol-
unteer community service, humanitarian efforts, academic accomplishments and a successful career.
Being a WJU Senior Ambassador is both an honor and a responsibility. Ambassador s ar e asked to commit their
time, dedication and expertise to the school that helped lay the foundation for their successful careers. This commitment
will include one or more of the following: Recruit potential students to WJU, Aid current students with career ad-
vice, Cultivate interest in WJU and its projects, Encourage fellow alumni and others to support WJU fund raising
activities. The fir st Senior Ambassador s gr oup met J une 24, 2011 to discuss their futur e activities. Ther e ar e 68 in-
dividuals who have volunteered from the classes of 59 through 73. The group meets yearly at the time of the reunion and
then by conference call during the year. Senior Ambassadors have been very dedicated fund raisers for WJU. DRIVE365
is the year long campaign (July 2015 through June 2016) and the Senior Ambassadors pledged to raise $450,000. They
surpassed their goal by raising $520,328 by June 30, 2016.

Alumni Scholar in Residence: This pr ogr am, initiated by the 50 Year Club in 2011, r epr esents a par tner ship with
the university faculty and administration. A committee representing all three groups selects the scholar and coordinates the
campus visit. The scholar will be a visiting professor to the University for up to one week and all expenses will be donated
by the scholar. Ed Shahady, M.D. ‘60 was our first initial scholar, spending time on campus fall of 2011. Joan Do-
verspike Davison, Ph.D. ‘78 was on campus fall of 2012. Dick Riley, Ph.D. ‘84 was on campus fall of 2013. The Honora-
ble James Smith 64’ was on campus fall of 2014. Christina Richey, Ph.D. ‘04 was on campus fall of 2015 and John Stop-
per ‘75 was the scholar for 2016. The Alumni Scholar Program has been very successful and demonstrates the quality of
WJU graduates to the students and faculty of WJU. Anyone with extensive teaching experience is invited to submit their
resume to
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