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PAGE 2                                         50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                           VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3

(Continued from page 1) For tunately ther e was a r ainstor m and Fr . Cliffor d Lewis dr ove us to the event. The
skit also contained a discussion of what it was like to have Jesuits as teachers. Barbara recalled being in the office of
chemistry professor Fr. Joseph Duke when he received a phone call from Linus Pauling, the Nobel prize winner in
Chemistry. A memory of Fr. Gerald Kernan was that his first required paper was to write a 1000 word essay using no
adjectives. A memory of Fr. Edward Gannon was that he sometimes wore a cape, a beret and carried a cane.

Skit 2—Fr. Bill Troy Wr itten by Paul Or r —Some Lesser Known Stores About the Founding Jesuits
Takes place in Donahue Hall, Dean Troy’s office. Dean Troy is holding a large pair of scissors and is cutting out valen-
tines for his nieces and nephews. Fr. Ed Gannon rushes in to see him and states “What have you done for Clayton Hud-
nall today? You have conducted several meetings with faculty and other important
guests, but what have you done for the good students who need our help!” Fr. Gan-
non goes on to say “Nothing today, nothing yesterday and nothing tomorrow.”
Troy looks up and says “Would a Valentine do? Seriously Ed I have opened up the
stacks at the library and hired good teachers to help Clayton and all of our stu-
dents.” Right after Gannon leaves and Father Duke rushes in and sees Fr. Troy cut-
ting out valentines and asks just what do you do in here all day. Father Troy an-
swers “I DEAN Joe, I DEAN and no I will not try to persuade the President to add
another 3 hour class for Chemistry majors. I am busy deaning in here and have a 5
o’clock deadline.” Troy then tells his secretary “No more people today—
Valentines need to be sent by 5 PM.”
                                                                                    John Egan McAteer as Fr. Gannon
                                                                                    & Leo Flanagan as Dean Troy

Skit 3 - WJU Las Vegas Wr itten by Al Reed ‘60 Search for the Perfect Grading
System Al Reed plays the role of Dean of the new branch campus of WJU in Las Vegas. He is discussing the future of
the branch campus with Carolyn Cannon the Chair of the department of entertainment. Father Fleming has sent his
toughest grader Dr. Paul Orr. His evaluation system contains lots of plusses and minuses and can be used to grade enter-
tainers, politicians and businesses. He uses a pen that lights up and a horn when he is giving several minuses. He will be
evaluating our students today. Our first student is one of the best John Mensore. John sings a song. The dean and depart-
ment chair think it was a great performance, but they are not sure if Professor Orr knows how to evaluate singing. Don
Mercer is next with his clarinet playing Yellow Submarine. It seems to be a superior performance, but Al not sure what
Professor Orr thinks. The next student from the department of comedy is Ed Shahady. Ed tells a story about the new
confessionals at WJU that contain food and drink. He later discovers he was on the wrong side of the confessional. He
follows up with his duck voice. Dr. Orr in the past has stated that Ed is indeed a duck. The vignette ends with Dean
Reed and Chairperson Cannon expressing concerns about the grades WJU Las Vegas will receive from Dr. Orr.

                                      Carolyn                           Don
                                      Cannon                            Mercer
                                      Al Reed                           John

Skit 4 - Mensore /IAGO Wr itten by Paul Or r Fr. Gerald K ernan encourages M ensore to play the role of IA GO
The scene takes place in formidable Fr. Kernan’s office where he is auditioning students for parts in Shakespeare's play
Othello. John comes in to the office and is not very enthusiastic about being in the play. John fears it will interfere with
his studies and basketball. Fr. Kernan hands John the play and tells him to start memorizing it. John suggests that Vince
Guisti would be a better IAGO. Kernan responds that Guisti will be Othello and the two of them will be the pillars of the
play. John then suggests Kenny Craven would be a good IAGO. Kernan disagrees saying that Craven will disagree with
everything he says and make Desdemona so nervous she will forget her lines. After John makes further excuses as to
why he can not be IAGO Father Kernan tells him he will—it will be very educational and of course you want to do well
in English don’t you? As John exists the stage he tells the stage manager how he played IAGO in freezing conditions.
John claimed he thought he did well as IAGO although Dr. Orr gave him a C Plus Plus Minus. John then launched into
IAGO’s first soliloquy, still fresh in his mind.
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