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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3                                  50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                                     PAGE 3

Skit 5 - Charm School by Barbara Creamer Yeager ‘59

Takes place in Troy Lounge where several female students were complaining about the requirement that they take clas-
ses on being “charming”. One reports that Dean Troy has said there are some things the Jesuits can not teach them. Man-
datory classes 4 weeks in April every Thursday evening 6-8 pm. No exceptions —we might marry somebody important.
Some of the wisdom from charm school included—white shoes only from Memorial Day until Labor Day, black leather
shoes can be worn anytime, never wear more than 3 colors at a time—stick with two and use the third for a splash like a
handkerchief hanging from a pocket, a scarf or a necklace. Use the 10 dot system—apply foundation to the nose, chin,
under the chin on both sides, on the cheek bones and below the cheek bones etc. etc, apply lipstick only with a sable lip

Skit 6 - Casting the Gambol by John Egan McAteer Student reaction to Fr. Ed Gannon

“Macs” tavern on Washington Ave, late February 1958. Several male students sitting around. Stage manger comments
“There were several lively personalities among the faculty in the early days—the most vivid and impactful was Edward
Gannon, SJ”. His pomps and works were endured during the annual spring student musical the Gambol. The scenario
you are about to see portrays student reactions to the event. Student A “Gambol practice starts next Monday. I’ve been in
it for the past two years and it is a blast.” Student B “I have never been in the Gambol. I am a science major and have as
much work as I can handle.” Student A “Pre-med students handle the workload, so you should be able and asks if Stu-
dent B can sing? He says yes. My profound advise —Find Fr. Gannon tomorrow in the cafeteria and tell him you would
like to audition for the Gambol—but be very humble.” Student B “Should I say anything about the lucky students in the
Gambol being special? Seems like all the students in the Gambol
are special to him.” Student A “Don’t mess with him-if he sens-
es sarcasm or mockery you’re finished.” Two new students enter
(C and D). Student C “You should tell Fr. Gannon that you want
to join the Gambol to help get out of the gloomy Ohio Valley
winter. That supposedly is what stimulated him to start the Gam-
bol—he thought the students were in the doldrums in the Winter
of 1956 and the Gambol would help the students.” Student D
“That may not be true—my girl friend who works in the Deans
office says the reservation logbook for use of Swint Hall lounge
was booked by Fr. Gannon in August before the first students
arrived.” Student A “I don’t know anything about the timing of
the reservations, but the shows have been great and Fr. Gannon
deserves all the credit.”
                                                     (L-R) Don Mercer, Leo Flanagan, John McAteer, Jack Spittal

Skit 7-Year of the Flood by Ed Kelleher & Davitt McAteer- Student body response to Wheeling natural disaster

Scene: footbridge across Wheeling Creek adjacent to Wheeling College Campus April 1963—A reporter standing on the
footbridge that spans the flood swollen Wheeling Creek interviewing two freshmen, Fuzz and Gags. Fuzz who is from
the DC area says he has never seen something this brutal. Gags from Buffalo, NY says he knows how to get around in
chest high snow, but not floods. Fuzz and Gags are just two of several
WC students who are helping Edgewood residents move their valua-
bles to higher ground. The students are wet, shivering and hungry. Fuzz
describes the scene as muddy and says its depressing to see valuables
ruined by water and mud. A female student named M’Liz arrives on the
scene saying she was on her way to Moxies and saw them there.

They warned us not to come down here, but I had to feel what it was
like to stand on the footbridge during a flood. A log hits the bridge and
creates a jolt that sends M’Liz running. Reporter asks what inspired you
to get involved rather than stay on campus where it is safe? Gags says
the footbridge is a very special place. This is where some students        Mary McGuire Moore, Davitt McAteer, Dan Rosing

come to talk and get to know each other better. I also heard that just downstream where Wheeling Creek meets the Ohio
river a Jesuit said the first Catholic Mass in this part of the country in 1749. Fuzz then states these poor people are taking
a financial punch in the mouth—I bet they have no flood insurance and where are they going to stay? M’Liz returns and
says did you hear about our calculus teacher Mr. Peterson? His baby was swept out of his arms by the raging current and
died. There is a mass scheduled for the baby in the morning. There also was a student casualty—a big jock passed out
from a typhoid shot, but he is back at the dorm.
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