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Partnership With the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston—Rev. Jim Fleming

Our relationship with the Diocese and WJU goes back 60 years when the Diocese built the first
four buildings on campus. The Diocese and the Bishop still have a very real interest in keeping
WJU thriving and operating as the only Catholic University in the State of WV.

The Diocese and WJU both have an interest in the health and well-being of the people of WV
and Appalachia. Together we see the need for an increased focus on Health Sciences to better
serve the people of WV and we believe through our partnership we can accomplish this. Alt-
hough Catholics in WV make up only 5% of the state’s population, the Diocese through Catho-
lic Charities is the #1 provider of social services for all of WV outside of the government.

Fr. Fleming reported that in June the Diocese gave WJU a gift of $10M and then another $2M Rev. Jim Fleming, S.J.
since then. The University has a $33M debt. Established in 1997 (building of Ignatius, B-        President
Room, and McDonough Ctr) Last time the bonds were refinanced was 2007. Currently we are
paying a 7 ½ % interest rate which equates to about $2.5M in interest per year. We are in the process of refinancing
them down to a lower rate.

Our Bond Covenants state we cannot borrow any other money in long-term debt. Because of these covenants, we estab-
lished a line of credit at WesBanco which now equals $6M. This is a 1yr loan that we get every year. We pay it down to
$0 when tuition revenue comes in August. We then draw from it to pay our bills until we reach August of the following

IX. What the Diocese $12M gift went towards:

A. Pay down our shor t ter m debt ($6M). We have a fr esh star t for September , wher e the fir st time in decades, we
can use the tuition revenue to grow programs and improve our infrastructure.

B. Paid our annual $2.5M inter est payment on our debt.

C. Paid $2.3M to pur chase the NTTC building (building is valued at $8M). The thr ee-year federal investigation
(looking at how the University handled federal money between 2002 and 2009) found no misuse on the part of WJU and
to resolve this matter, WJU agreed to pay $2.3M and as a result, the NTTC building became official WJU property.

D. Remaining $1.2M to be used to suppor t capital expenses.

Moving forward, WJU and the Diocese believe that new programming in the areas of Health Sciences, Technology, and
Business need to be developed to continue to serve the needs of WV and allow us to produce gradates with degrees that
are in high demand for job placement.

As stated in the welcome message on the WJU web site. “Founded on the 450-year Jesuit tradition of academic excel-
lence and service to others, Wheeling Jesuit University will provide you with outstanding educational offerings, cutting-
edge research opportunities, and ways to have an influence in the community for the greater good of all. The entire
Wheeling Jesuit community is working together to create a university at which education is second to none, where re-
search flourishes, and students can make a difference in the lives of others.”

University Stats:

- 9 months after graduation, 94% of our students report that they are in a job, grad school, or service position that re-
quires their WJU degree.

- Our 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing students had a 100% pass rate on their boards.

- Masters in Nursing received the highest accreditation rating (10 years)

- Undergraduate nursing received the highest accreditation rating (5 years)

- Elementary education program re-accredited (5 years)

Our programming, faculty, and students are all excelling in their areas.

We had a good freshman class (275) but still need more to operate solely on tuition (300-325).
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