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 WJU's Alumni Scholar in Residence, John Stopper ‘75

Alumnus John Stopper, a New York area businessman who considers himself a student
and follower of trends in global business and technology, served as the 2016 Alumni
Scholar in Residence at Wheeling Jesuit University (WJU). Stopper, a member of the
Class of 1975 and founder and chief executive officer of NorthStar Performance Strate-
gies, Shared his business world and technology insights with students at his alma mater
Sept. 14-16. In addition to teaching several classes during the three days, Stopper gave a
public lecture at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 14 in the Recital Hall located inside WJU's
Center for Educational Technologies building. The lecture was free and open to area resi-
dents and businesses.
The Alumni Scholar in Residence program gives Wheeling Jesuit alumni the chance to share John Stopper
their real world experiences and expertise with today's students. The program was started by the
University's 50 Year Club six years ago. Stopper is the sixth WJU graduate to serve as an Alumni Scholar in Resi-
dence. All expenses incurred by the alumni scholar are donated, as a gift, to WJU. WJU Vice President of Academic
Affairs, Dr. Robert Phillips said, “I know our students will benefit greatly from John's expertise in global business,
sales and the technology world. His many years of experience running companies and providing clients with ways to
grow will provide our students with knowledge they can use now and in the future.”

“Wheeling Jesuit played a key role in my life and helped me develop into the person I am today. In addition to the
classroom instruction, being a member of the rugby team had a major influence on my life and career,” Stopper ex-
plained. Stopper, who has worked in the technology industry and business world for nearly 40 years, founded
NorthStar in 2011. The greater New York City company provides sales strategy development to help companies profit-
ably deploy capital to generate revenue. NorthStar Operational Revenue Model (NORM) enables its customers to as-
sess, plan and execute effective revenue generation strategies. Stopper said he can provide WJU students different per-
spectives on what to expect after college because of his knowledge of emerging technologies and global business.

“Being the Alumni Scholar in Residence is a way that I can give back to today's students and fulfill my mission to help
the next generation of leaders achieve success. The world moves so quickly today that young people can easily be in-
timidated,” Stopper said. “However, success leaves clues and there are some indicators on where there may be oppor-
tunity in the future. I plan to share these insights with the students.”

His student presentations took on a different look. Stopper offered a series of workshops or interview events where stu-
dents actively participated. “I believe this resonated well with the students and allowed for active engagement. Young
people today have insights into future trends that I don't, but I hope that we can work together on taking their ideas and
developing them.” During his public presentation, Stopper offered insights on “The Future of Work: How to Succeed
in Times of Uncertainty.”

Stopper said, “A key to future success is to embrace uncertainty as that is where the jobs will be. Any work with a de-
gree of certainty to it, will be automated. There are also technology indicators that leave clues as to where those jobs
will be and how to prepare for them.”

Following the completion of his degree at Wheeling Jesuit, Stopper worked at an Ohio Valley coal mine as his first job
out of college. He then left the area and spent the next 35-plus years working in the areas of business development,
sales and marketing, as well as running technology companies. Prior to founding NorthStar, Stopper was managing
director for Progress Software, where he was responsible for leading all field operations in the Americas including
sales, marketing and service delivery.

He was founder and CEO of Precyse Technologies, a private-equity backed RFID (radio frequency identification)
technology company, from 2007-09. The company develops wireless Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC)
systems for remotely managing high-value physical assets and personnel.

Stopper also was vice president and general manager of TIBCO Software, leading a team of 60-plus employees which
sold and deployed more than 120 TIBCO products to financial service institutions. From 2000-2006, he was president
and chief executive officer of Aperture Technologies, where he grew the developer of desktop software tools into a
global enterprise software company.
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