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PAGE 7                                               50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                      VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3

Senior Ambassadors Contribute $520,000 to WJU

The Senior Ambassadors were created as part of the 50 Year Club in 2010. Initial membership included the first 10 clas-
ses. Last year the next 5 classes were added. Membership now includes the classes of 1959 through 1973. Fund raising
for the last four years has totaled over 1 million dollars and the past year the group raised $520,000.

Fundraising Plans of Several Classes

Class of 1967: Jim DiPiero ’67 reported that the 50 year reunion committee has discussed making a pledge of $50,000
per year for the next 5 years to WJU for a grand total of $250,000. This is similar to what the Class of 1964 did during
their 45th. The reasoning being, by making this pledge the school can rely on their $50k per year when it does its fore-
casting and budgeting. They would like to see future 50th anniversary classes follow the same model.

Class of 1969: Tim Cogan ’69 explained how the Class of 1969 has already
been planning their 50th reunion. An initial letter went out (Dec 2015) dis-
cussing how they would like to begin thinking about their 50th and to make
sure they have all the correct contact information for all their classmates. Af-
ter several weeks of follow up letters, phone calls and emails, they were able
to secure email contact information for 120 out of 156 people in their class.
Their goal is to reach 100%.

Class of 1972: Classmates have alr eady been talking about their 50th
which is not until 2022. They created an account at WJU for their fundrais-
ing, and their gifts can be designated for this account up until their reunion in
2022. This serves as their savings account (minus interest). At the time of
their 50th they will decide what they would like to donate their money to sup-

Noah Mull informed the Senior Ambassadors that in the coming weeks he
would be circulating the class lists to them so that they can begin reaching
out to their classmates via letters, email, phone, or social media to ask for Ed Shahady ‘60 gives President Jim
their support. Noah can help you craft a letter to your classmates, or can send Fleming a symbolic check during the
you examples of letters that were sent in the past.                                2016 reunion.
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