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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 3                         50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                         PAGE 8

                         WJU ARCHIVES

A collection of books published by Alumni displayed at Archive exhibition June 2016 Reunion

Advisors                                                                     Art

Donald Mercer ‘60      Archives Coordinator                Kevin Kerrane ‘62 The Art of Fact-The Art of Billy
Kelly Klubert ’85      Alumni Director                     Roche
Dan Haller ‘61         Past President 50 Year Club
John Egan McAteer ‘61  50 Year Club Member                                               Accounting
                                                           Richard Riley ‘84 Forensic Accounting Fraud-Financial
                                                           Statement Fraud-Fraud Examination/Financial Reporting

Kelly Mummert          Library Director                                               Business
Edward Younkins ‘70    WJU Professor                       Edward Younkins ‘70 Florishing and Happiness in a
                                                           Free Society-Champions of a Free Society-Exploring
                  Alumni Publications by Field             Capitalist
                                                           John Kruzeski ‘66 Weirton Steel Employee Stock Plan
                                Science                    Kevin Kerrane ‘62 Dollar Sign on the Muscle
Chesterene Cwiklik ‘69 Forensic Examination of Clothing
Donald Mercer ‘60 Immunodiagnosis of Cancer                                           Health Care

                                History                    John Aluise ‘64 The Physician as Manager-The Art of
                                                           Leadership and Science of Management-The Supervisors
                                                           Handbook-Successful Faculty in Academic Medicine

Phillip Greenwalt ‘08 Civil War Series (3 Battles)         Mary Gerkin McKinley ‘77 Acute and Critical Care

Sean Duffy ‘88 Legendary Locals of Wheeling                Nurse Specialist

Charles Reed ‘03 Making of a British World 1860-1911       Edward Shahady ‘60 Primary Care of Musculo-Skeletal
Edwin Sharp ‘60 Wheeling During the Depression & WW2       Problems-A Guide to Successful Physician Retirement
Davitt McAteer ‘66 1907 Monongah Mine Disaster-Coal        Primary Care Sports Medicine-Sports Medicine for
Mine Health and Safety                                     Coaches and Trainers First and Second edition.
David Quinn ‘67 Rebel on the American Frontier-Wreck of    Improving Health Systems : Family Medicine
the World’s Largest Ship-Sons of Annie McKenna

                              Theology                                                 Education
Mikie Casem ‘66 Circle of Grace (Story of Faith & Prayer)
Rev. Joseph Doyle ‘60 Jesus at Twelve-Love Beyond All      Bertie Ryan Synowiec ‘65 Stormy Times, The True
Telling                                                    Gift-A New Dawn-A Healing Journey-Inspiring Young
Stanley Tuchalski ‘84 We Have Come This Far (Saga of a     People to Want to Learn.
WV Catholic Community)
                                                                                     Odds N Ends

                       Fiction                             Chapters in Books
                                                           Hal Gorby ‘07, James Puglisi ‘02, Michael Iafrate ‘99

Linda Mizejewski ‘73 Divine Decadence -It Happened One     Business Newsletters
                                                           MaryAnne Soccio Scheuble ‘75
Night-Pretty Funny-Zigfield Girl-Hardboiled and High

Tina Rodgers Lesher ’65 The Abaya Chronicles— Club 43 Handbooks

                                                           Davitt McAteer ‘66, Bertie Ryan Synowiec ‘65

                                                           James Dissen ‘63
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