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Why I Value Reunions by Lillian Gangwere Cale ‘66

In the letter that our reunion committee wrote to our class the idea of attending a reunion to renew old friendships and
to make new ones came true for me and another classmate. We had been acquaintances during our years at WJU. Nei-
ther of us thought (at that time) that we would become such wonderful friends later in our lives.

At our 20th Reunion Ann Heim Broz and I met at the registration table. She had brought her oldest daughter to see the
campus and possibly consider attending WJU. We chatted briefly but our paths kept intersecting during the weekend
events. When the reunion ended we had plans to meet for dinner and a show at Wheeling’s Capital Theatre. My hus-
band, David, and her husband, Ollie, hit it off and as the years passed we had many wonderful times together. Both of
their daughters are graduates of our alma mater, Linda in 1991 and Elaine in 1996. We are all on the same reunion
schedule. That was something we talked about many times.

Ann and Ollie moved to the Atlanta area and both daughters eventually followed. Ann lost her wonderful husband in
2004. In spite of the miles that separated us, Ann managed many visits to Pittsburgh (where family live) and to Union-
town where David and I are. Our relationship deepened as we weathered life’s storms together. We had a pattern of
telephone visits every Sunday and extra ones for birthdays and special occasions. We both looked forward to those
calls. Wheeling Jesuit was the common denominator in a friendship that sustained and nurtured each of us.

My dear friend Ann died on Sunday, July 17, a few hours after our weekly visit. As always, we said “I love you and
we’ll talk again soon”. There is an emptiness in grieving for a loved one, but also there is Thanksgiving for time well
spent and love shared. I will never forget Ann or all the things we shared. I am grateful to Wheeling Jesuit University
for providing the opportunity for us to find each other at our reunion. The next time you attend a reunion expect the
unexpected; you could make a new friend and that could be life changing.

                                                   Below—Members of Class of 1966
                                                   spending quality time together
                                                   from (L-R)
                                                   Jean Knittel Sansobrino, Mary
                                                   McGuire Moore, Jeannie Barrett
                                                   Hamilton and spouse Clark

Above—Members of Class of
1966 from (L-R)
Davitt & Kathryn McAteer,
Betsy Atterbury Kieffer, Dan
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