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              50 Year Club Newsletter
Editor Ed Shahady ‘60                                                  Volume 7 Issue 1 March 2016

              Class of 1961 Plans 55th Reunion and Skit

Table of Contents The reunion planning committee for the Class of 1961 is busy preparing memorable activities to
1. Classes of ‘61 & ‘65     celebrate their 55th reunion June 17-19, during Alumni Weekend 2016. The committee members
Reunions                    are: Dan Haller, John Egan McAteer, and Jane Straub Friday. The committee will personally call
2. Wheeling Jesuit Update   classmates to encourage attendance and memory sharing.
3-5. Memories - Class of

‘66                         Friday evening events begin at 5 pm with the con-
6. Tribute to Fr. Miller &  ferring of 50 Year Club diplomas to the Class of

WJU Archives

7-8. Florida Road Trip      1966, followed by the President’s reception and
9. Message Rev. Jim         dinner. After dinner, 50 Year Club members from
Fleming                     the classes of 1959-1966 are invited to re-enact a
10. 50 Year Club            number of notworthy, even mythical events from

the early years. Professor Emeritus, Dr. Paul Orr, mentor and friend to
many of us – has been blessed with near total recall, and has agreed to par-
ticipate in this theatrical re-enactment. He has already reminded us of sev-
eral notable events for students at the time, but ones that had a different
perspective for the faculty. We are attempting to recreate an early Wheeling
College version of “Our Town.” Paul, playing the Stage Manager role, will
introduce the incident to be re-enacted, point to another part of the stage
where the lights are coming up on a small group of actors who then launch into Members of Class of ‘61 and ‘60 per-
the re-enactment of the event or incident. The event can be funny or serious; form Carolina kick during Class of ‘61
the main thing is that it "plays." Example: Barbara Creamer Yeager ‘59 is do- 50th reunion.
ing a script on the "Charm School" debacle of 1958 or 1959.

              Class of 1966 to Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary and
                            Receive 50 Year Club Diplomas

                                           Members of the class of 1966 will join the        Fifth Annual 50
                                           classes of 1959 thru 1965 as members of the       Year Club Lecture
                                           50 Year Club. Each member of the class will       and Discussion
                                           receive a 50 Year Club diploma from WJU
                                           President Fr. Jim Fleming, S.J. during the sixth
                                           formal diploma ceremony Friday June 17th at 5     Time: Sat., J une 17—
                                           PM. Members of the Class of ‘66 can expect        10:30 AM
                                           calls from the reunion committee that includes    Location: TBA

                                           Lillian Gangwere Cale, Dan Rosing, Ron            Title: Mor al Implications
                                           DeCaro, John Glaser, Davitt McAteer, Mickey       of Climate Change
                                           Keppel Kelley, Ed Kelleher, Mary “Betsy”
                                           Maloney Spitler, Pat Pellegrini Kaufman, Lou Moderator Dan Haller ‘61
                                           Kaufman, Mary McGuire Moore, Tom and
Cindy Carr Rank ‘65 and WJU President Jim  Carole Meehan Gale, Mary Lang Knoble, Bill        Speakers—John Glaser ‘66
Fleming, S.J. at 50 Year Club              Hudnall, and Jeanne	Barrett	Hamilton,	Bill	       Other Alumni & Faculty to
                                           Stoehr. For information on the 50 Year Club,      be announced.
                                           Senior Ambassadors and the Alumni Scholar in
                                           Residence program—see page 10.
Induction Ceremony
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