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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 1                      50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                         PAGE 3

Memories From the Class of 1966

Message From Jeanne Barrett Hamilton                                How about Father Laut’s “COLLEGE BOWL”. Our team-
I cannot believe it has been 50 years since we graduated. John Long, Paul Waldman, someone else whom I can pic-
Where has the time gone.                                            ture but the name ,I can’t, and me - We saw that we were
                                                                    up against some big guns led by ED MERRIFIELD (Mister
I have been thinking a lot about our time together, and I           Dictionary) but, we predicted a win if we could only elimi-
wanted to express some thoughts to you. First and fore-             nate BIG ED. We got Art (an upper classman) to collabo-
most, I am so grateful for the friendships that I made at
                                                                    rate in the capture. Just as the round was about to start, we
Wheeling College. They have only gotten stronger through announced that there was a call from home for ED MER-
the years. My family and friends have been astonished that RIFIELD in the dorm, Ed, of course, bolted from the
so many of us have stayed in contact since our college days
but it has also been more than that. It has been a support cafeteria to take “the call” . In the dorm the “Terrorists”
system in times of sorrow and joy. We are truly a part of were waiting to tie him up, spread eagle to the bed. The
an extended family. It is rare these days and should be             clock ticked on and we invoked a call for forfeiture by the
                                                                    other side. Unfortunately Fr. Laut interceded, allowing the
treasured. Thank you Wheeling for giving us this gift.              missing person to be replaced by ANYONE from the audi-
                                                                    ence. And wouldn’t you know that they picked that bright
As our reunion approaches, a few of us will be calling you          bulb, Judy Noonan! Well we lost but at least we weren’t
and touching base to encourage attendance. I hope we are
successful in having you join us.

Also, I hope that you will consider sharing some of your            Having just been discharged from active duty, I was a firm
college time stories. We could use a few laughs these days          believer in “ship shape” and announced to my roommate
and I am sure many of you have some to share. Send you              that we should remove the room furniture every Friday,
stories to: Ed Shahady, . He is compil-            clean the floor and everything in the room, make our beds
ing the articles for our 50th reunion. He prefers Microsoft         daily and live in ever-readiness for a white glove inspec-
Word, if possible.                                                  tion. Brian Cunningham, my roommate soon became my

In addition, if you can donate even a small amount if will ex-roommate not seeing the benefits of my program.
help get our class participation rate up. The class of 60 had
a 98% participation rate and being ever so competitive I            We had a school policy mandating room confinement after,
would like to beat that.. It can be as little as $10, but it still  I believe, 10 P.M. Having served in the U.S. Navy and be-
counts. Just give it some thought.                                  ing four years older than my classmates, I disregarded this
                                                                    rule. So one night Fr. McGroaty ran into me walking
Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Fr. Jim Fleming around campus and ordered me to my room. I explained
and Fr. George at an alumni gathering. It was so encourag-
ing to see the vision, compassion and leadership that they          that this was not for me and that if he insisted, I would
are bringing to Wheeling. It is a difficult time for small          check-out the next day. He relented with the proviso that it
liberal arts colleges but if anyone can do it, the Jesuits can      be kept our little secret. Forgive me Father for now going

but they need our help.                                             back on my word.

Well enough for now. Please stay in touch, and hope to see There was the time when as seniors, Pete Daly, Tommy
many of you in June.
                                                                    Regan, Paul Waldman and I had a war with a group of jun-

Stories From Charles Hayes                                          iors (Alex Standish and others). It started when they stole

English Professor Fournier took great pleasure in remind- my books the library. We retaliated by placing a stuffed
ing us of our Freshmen penchant for pseudo sophistication. moose head in one of their beds. They bounced back by
He said that we preferred to impress our peers and profes-
sors by using verbose and elitist language like, he said,           taping up my steering wheel and spreading talcum powder
“terminate the luminescence” as an order to turn out the            in my 1952 Chevy. Now it was serious. So they were stud-
light. I discovered that I was a member of this victimized          ying for metaphysics finals when we got a lock, chain and
group when I went to see a Shakespeare play with Pat Pel-           barbell weights, went to their apartment hiding the weights

legrini and then wrote a play review in which I proposed and feigning defeat we faked praise for their chispa. Then
that the play was actually written by Christopher Marlowe. when they let down their guard and invited us in, Pete
I couldn’t wait to get back my paper and gaze on the
planned “A” that it would receive from Fournier. Well, I            grabbed one while we chained and locked the weights to
got it back with a D- and note… “A most inane paper” Is
crest-fallen the right term?                                        their leg. They had to get a locksmith. We stayed low for
                                                                    the rest of the end of year days. (continued page 4)
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