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Drive 365 Road Trip Florida January 10-13, 2016

The four day trip included stops in four cities and meeting with 33 alums and friends of WJU. Father Jim Fleming, Fa-
ther Bill George and Ed Shahady ‘60 traveled to all the sites. The trip was a huge success. Father Fleming provided an
update on progress at WJU and added an inspirational message about Jesuit education at each site. Attendees were en-
thused about Fr. Fleming’s leadership and commitment to Jesuit traditional values. Father George conducted Mass at
one setting and provided spiritual advise at all settings and encouraged alums to join the Troy Legacy Society (including
WJU in your will). Ed Shahady encouraged donations and provided an update on the 50 Year Club and the success of
the Senior Ambassadors with fund raising ($385,000 last year, and a goal of $450,000 this


                  We started the trip in south Florida on January 10th at the home of
                  Maureen (Mo) Faul 83’ in Coral Springs. The day began with Mass
                  by Fr. George. Fr. George started Mass explaining the history and
                  meaning of all the clothing he was wearing and the minimal cloth-
                  ing required for Mass. Following Mass Fr. Fleming provided an up-
                  date about WJU. The following were present for the event: Mo
                  Faul, Stacey Citrin, Mike and Peggy Faul (Mo’s parents), Rose Gat-
                  ens ‘75, Edward M. Shahady ‘87, Marty Gatens Shahady ‘87, Mi-
                  chael Shahady (future WJU freshman fall 2016).

Mo Faul                                                                                Father George con-
                                                                                       ducting mass

Father Fleming discussing WJU with Stacey Citrin, Edward M. Shahady and                Father George distrib-
Michael Shahady                                                                        uting communion to
                                                                                       Peggy Faul.

On January 11th we traveled 170       Vince and Judy Guisti, Fr . George, Don Davison, Ed Shahady,
miles north to Orlando in central                            Joan Davison, Fr. Fleming
Florida. There we had dinner
with Vince Guisti ‘60, Judy
Guisti, Joan Davison ‘78 and
Don Davison at Carrabas restau-
After Fr. George blessed the food
we spent the evening discussing
what’s happening at WJU includ-
ing the women's volleyball team
recent national championship.
This was also the evening of the
college national championship so
sports dominated the evening. It
was a great opportunity for me
(Ed) to catch up with classmate
Vince Guistind encourage him to join
the Troy Legacy Society.
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