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Message from WJU President Fr. Jim Fleming

This year started with a wonderful experience as I travelled over 1000 miles through Florida with Dr. Ed Shahady and
Fr. Bill George, S.J. We visited with Alumni and Friends of WJU in North Palm Beach, Coral Springs, Orlando,
Clearwater, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. It was wonderful.

The first gathering began with Mass in Mo Faul’s home and at the home of John and Marlene Yasinsky. Fr. George
lead us in a brief Examination of Conscience and St. Ignatius prayer for generosity. John and Judith Black DiFazio
hosted us in their home which had a magnificent view of the ocean in Clearwater. We really got to know Florida.

This was my first trip to Florida to visit alumni, following Fr. George’s trip last year. Everyone was so welcoming
and enthusiastic about Wheeling Jesuit that I was energized. I brought them up to date on the “Jesuit Strong” pro-
gram, enrollment, athletics (We are National Champion D II for Volleyball) and Fr. George summarized our Federal
Proposal on how to deal with the large number of non-violent substance abusers being let out of prison or being as-
signed to treatment. We hope to set a national exemplar on how to help people recover. Our unique approach will be
to help them manage all the various elements of recovery, from the judicial, medical, psychological, educational, so-
cial, employment and housing issues, etc. Quite a challenge.

When each meeting broke up, Fr. George gave everyone an envelope with WJU Points of Pride and a Troy Legacy
Society form.
You may already know that our Wheeling Jesuit Women’s Volleyball team won the 2015 National Championship for
Division II. When you learn that the average GPA of the team is 3.6 you can be extra proud of our women. Our vol-
leyball coach has already received offers to leave WJU for a higher salary, but she and her husband, her assistant
coach, have said they will stay at WJU.
On Jan. 22, our Men’s Cardinal Basketball team defeated West Liberty, the then # 1 Ranked Div. II Basketball team,
106-83 at home. We were ranked #13, but will surely move up! In between the women’s and men’s game we hon-
ored our volleyball team with Rep. David McKinley of the U.S. Congress giving a Congressional Citation to the
Know that your alma mater is growing stronger and healthier every day. Everything seems to be on the upswing, in-
cluding finances since more of you are helping us than ever. Please keep it up!
You can count on our prayers. May God bless you and keep you.

                                   Fr. James Fleming

                  Fr. Bill George
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