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50 Year Club Newsletter
Editor Ed Shahady ‘60                                                 Volume 7 Issue 2 June 2016

Alumni Entertainment June 17th Evolves into 50 Year Club Effort

Table of Contents By John Egan McAteer -The March edition of the “Newsletter” alerted readers that the classes
                            of ’61 and ’66 were preparing a theatrical re-enactment of memorable events from Wheeling Col-
1. Entertainment 50 Year    lege’s first decade for the Alumni Weekend. It will start at 8 PM June 17th. Readers also learned
Club                        that this theatrical effort would benefit from the participation of one of the school’s founding fac-
2. President’s Message      ulty, Professor Emeritus of English, Dr. Paul Orr. All still true.
3-10. Class of ‘66 History
11. Memories Class of ‘61

12. Book Reviews            But the play and its preparation have evolved. It is now actually a 50 Year Club project, and not
13. Drive 365               just a two-class enterprise. Writers and re-enactors from the classes of ’59, ’60, ’61, ’62, ’65 and
14. 50 Year Club

                            ’66 have contributed inspiration, imagination and wit to create a series of seven vignettes that al-
most everyone in the first eight or ten classes will recognize. Barbara Yeager has added to her “Charm School” skit a
recreation of the first days of residence at Mount de Chantal for the women in the class of ’59. Ed Shahady, Al Reed,
Carolyn Cannon join with a few other ’60 classmates in quest of the world’s best grading system. And Ed Kelleher and
Davitt McAteer remember the Wheeling Creek flood of 1966 and the students’ response to the community’s needs. 50
Year Club President, Dan Haller ’61 has provided episcopal advice and creative suggestions at many junctures.

But as usual for Wheeling College reunions, the most vivid images called up in the skits will be/are of the amazing Jesu-
its of the early days. It isn’t an altogether pretty picture. There is the gnomic Father Duke, quietly building his own
chemistry empire, as if directed from outer space. There is Fr. Ed Gannon, anticipating undergrads’ mid-winter ennui by
six months – to be cured only by a Gambol. And Fr. Gerry Kernan, deploying one of his basic teaching techniques: edu-
cation by intimidation. As they say in the southern part of the diocese, “this ain’t no hagiography”.

                  Class of 1966 to Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary and
                                Receive 50 Year Club Diplomas

                                           Members of the class of 1966 will join the  Sixth Annual 50 Year
                                           classes of 1959 thru 1965 as members of
                                           the 50 Year Club. Each member of the Club Lecture and Dis-
                                           class will receive a 50 Year Club diploma cussion
                                           from WJU President Fr. Jim Fleming, S.J.
                                           during the sixth formal diploma ceremony    Time: Sat., J une 17—
                                           Friday June 17th at 5 PM. The Presidents    10:30 AM
                                           Reception will follow the ceremony. At      Location: CET Music
                                           6:30 PM the 50-Year Club Dinner, for the    Conservatory

                                           classes of 1959-1966, will be held in the   Title: Mor al Implications
                                           Benedum Room. Reunion committee             of Climate Change
                                           members include: Lillian Gangwere Cale,
                                           Dan Rosing, Ron DeCaro, John Glaser, Moderator—Dan Haller
                                           Davitt McAteer, Ed Kelleher, Mary           ‘61
                                           “Betsy” Maloney Spitler, Jeanne Barrett
Cindy Carr Rank ‘65 and WJU President Jim  Hamilton and Bill Stoehr.                   Speaker—John Glaser ‘66
Fleming, S.J. at the 2015 50 Year Club                                                 Respondent—John Egan
Induction Ceremony                         For information about the 50 Year Club — McAteer ‘61
                                           see page 14.
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