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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2                                50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                                    PAGE 10

History Class of 66 continued                                  Accounting Club and Neil's new "fraternity," Sigma Tau
                                                               Delta, while Mike Donahie modeled ivy-league clothes, an
Betsy Maloney, who bought a copy of "Navy Blue," spent ever-present smile, and a cheerful, booming voice.
the hot summer months at NROTC camp to march for her
bars. Other marching students (protesting war in Viet Nam) Paula manipulated her fingers and ability as adeptly at the
worked their way behind bars.                                  bridge table as she did on the piano key-board. After read-
                                                               ing 4936 novels over the summer, she was all set for two
Mac's had closed for sanitary purposes, and reopened. Paul semesters of bridge.
Lang learned what a beer tasted like from behind the bar.
And another beer, and another . . . Mr. Wack replaced Fr. Jon Reed and Sandi prepared for a sociological study con-
Jenemann as class moderator, Fr. Sanders headed a one- cerning the feasibility of three living as cheaply as two. Er-
man Sociology department, and the apartments opened            ic Jessen, Agent 007 for the Economics Club, reported fre-
much too late on the Hill District. After the McLure epi- quently but involuntarily to Number One. Kathy
sode, even Mud was welcome, but not very welcome. Six Dougherty, a student tutor and part-time librarian, regained
of the women and most senior men moved to the hill, some her smile after something was done about the ultra-modem
with reluctance. Wacks and Harry, Paul and Hebe, let Fr. W. C. parking facilities. Chuck Perry also regained some-
McGroarty decide they didn't like the mountaintop accom- thing, his equilibrium, after
modations, and he kindly allowed them to move.                 suffering through the harrow-
                                                               ing and humiliating dance
Fr. Kerns began his second year of teaching Sixty Sixers routines for Gambol's chorus.
the more realistic side of life and religion. Marty Fisher,
President of Chi Ro Mu, arranged the contemplative and Massive attendance at Career
meditative side of each. Wayne Hall (stationing his office Day stymied its overall effec-
at Mac's) persisted in an untiring effort to repudiate both. tiveness; nevertheless, some
Mary Jac Lang analyzed the chemical aspects of at least
everything as prez of the Chemistry Club.                      seniors discovered ca-reers in
                                                               yearbook publishing. Dan

The senior officers, on occasion, spoke out vociferously in    and Hebe accepted full and
editing, or rather non-editing, the bastard publication        associate editorial blame for
SPEAKING OUT.                                                  the book, while numerous

                                                               other sixty-sixers incriminat-
The war in Viet Nam escalated, draft quotas rose, thirty- ed themselves to a lesser de-
one teachers lost their jobs at Brooklyn's St. John's Univer-
sity, and LBJ happily dispatched Hubert to the Far East.       gree. Mike Kelley (star of the motion picture Mighty
Jeanne and Terry, too mature for their sopho-more a.m.         Mouse and His Friend Mitzi Mouse) sat back and relaxed
antics at the laundromat, rambled on such laudable adven-      as Production Manager of the Gambol while all the work
tures as trans-Ohio flights and breakfasts at Howard John-     was being done. Right, Mighty?

son's.                                                         Pete abducted Terry after the Christmas decorating party,

Frannie started some thwarted efforts at Vaudeville acts, as   Regie Kram proved to be Cavier's best sound man (man?)
Gloria confused her long fingernails with much too smoked      ever, and Dan finally proposed to Carol. Tom Bartsch, Peg-
cigarettes.                                                    gy and Si got diamonds (Frannie got a ring too, Tom relin-
                                                               quished his); John Becker and Lanny married Lucy and
Hud's team eked out a slight victory in a Senior scavenger Carol respectively.

hunt, which built up to a climax at Tom Shelton's party.       Tiny Heiberger busied himself with plans for the Spring
Jean Sturgeon manifested her undying love for Wheeling         Music Festival (incidentally included in the plans was an
by remaining in the area over Thanks-giving to do research     unkept diet.)
on her history thesis. Lil, Marcia, Carole, and Regina, were
chosen to complement the Gamma Pi Epsilon foursome of In an appalling stroke of bad luck, not one senior was elect-
Betsy, Daly, Pat, and M. J. In the men's version of National ed to any position during January elections. The downfall
                                                               had begun. The city of Greensburg cringed fearfully as sen-
Jesuit Honor Societies, Alpha Sigma Nu's senior quartet,       ior men retreated to (and from) St. Emma's. Some still
John Becker, Lou Kaufman, Hank Kieffer, and Dick               wonder if it's actually possible for one person to blow thirty
Dowling, selected three more members, Bill "Hud" Hud-          -six dollars on retreat. That's a lot of Masses.
nall, Rich Barone, and Chuck Hayes.

Bruce Leckie, meandering idly around Oglebay Park's golf       Second semester was a blast, and what a blast it was we'll
course, could be heard singing to himself: "Karen, oh Ka-      never tell. For a really different recapitulation of four really
ren, I ought to be Karen a little more about my golf game."    different years, seniors must refer to our supplement. If
Rudy Karako split his extra-curricular time between the        others wish to know what happened, like we said, we'll
                                                               never tell.
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