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PAGE 4                               50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER             VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2

History Class of 1966—continued

Frightened but anxious freshmen then bade good-bye to
those (if any) who had come with them to WC, and pro-
ceeded to learn all they could about their new environment.

Lesson Number One: Heed the advice of upperclassmen.
"It's not his real name, but it's a tradition that freshmen call
him 'Goozer.' Get's a real charge out of it." Well, some-
body gets a charge out of it, anyway.

Lesson Number Two: Don't wander too far off the ( end of
the campus ... there's a terrible monster on Washington Av-
enue called Moxie's ... who'll take all money and time and
health . . . leave you sick, frustrated, disgusted, and maybe
just a little happy ..."

Lesson Number Three: "Look at the freshman sitting to
right or left . . . at graduation four years from now one of
them, or both, won't be here . . . will you?"

Lesson Number Four "Study." (Waive number four.)

Lesson Number Five: "Beware of sophomores: they’re in             Wunderlich, but they stopped dating after sophomore year.
charge of initiation." (So what!)                                 And while this interest was being widely displayed on the

Examination and recreation crowded the diurnal schedule; localized scene, little if no attention was paid to the world
mixers, drinking, dancing, and conglomerat-ing set the tone away from Wheeling College.
at night. Everyone ( or practically every-one) carried the
sound conviction that in order to be recognized as a hard-        Moxie’s soon became the scene of virtually all nocturnal
core collegian, a freshman must imbibe until beer flows           action. John Weitzel, the "Ace" of Tau Delta Kappa's 38
freely from the ears, and then start some real drinking. Of       card deck, utilized the Cardinal Inn to establish himself as a
course, West Virginia's "three-point-two" could never am-         symbol of sobriety and solitude. Brian Cunningham, the
ply substitute for the "six-point-four", "seven-point-one",       red-headed (and occasionally red-faced) Irishman from
and "thirty-seven-point-twelve" percentages of alcoholic          New Jersey, was spotted infrequently in the back room of
content in lagers from representative locales. But, being a       Moxie's (more frequently in the front room, closer to the
sturdy brand of improvisers as they were, the freshmen            bar.)

compensated in total consumption for the lack of concen- Tom Tracy, small, quiet, and reserved, seldom made it to
trated alcohol.                                                   the favorite gathering place. Mac's was a shorter distance
                                                                  back to the dorm. But Tom did put in several appearances
New acquaintances were made. In a pick-up football game,          to retain the image.
Paul Lang introduced his chin to the rugged field. Attempt-
ing to test the flexibility of the makeshift gridiron's rock- The Freshman Talent Show kept the entire, yet hardly
head surface, Pablo found that three or four stitches in time formed, class busy in preparation during the few days prior
would save a hell of a bloody mess.
                                                                  to the little-awaited return of upperclassmen. "They'll

On a different type of surface, and in another sort of sport, snake our girls," ultra - possessive fresh-men griped.
people met people. Resembling a pigtailed mad-ras Indian
(Indian madras?), Elayn Kollmer attracted the scouting eye        Sophomores, juniors, and seniors arrived on campus in
of Jerry Krause, Sixty-Six's largest work of Art. George          time to watch our overly-talented talent show staged in
Hruneni discovered the non-academic presence of Mary              grand fashion. With Jon Reed as production manager skits,
Jane Mulvey, which prompted a weeks-later comment from            dancing, and over-all good times. Fuzz descended and Fuzz
his astounded hall-mates: "Hruneni, don't tell me she went        Howard as emcee, the program included songs, from the
out with you!"                                                    Master's podium long enough to act out a Red Skelton
                                                                  drunk scene (that incidentally may not have been all act-
Harry Lossin looked like a Connecticut snow machine
when he saw Frannie Donohue. Nobody told Harry what
happens when the neighboring sun shines brightly. Jim             Initiation, featuring 165 frosh with a supporting cast of un-
Von Sennet didn't especially need a hair-cut, but no one          worthy sophomores, was marred by an uprising in the cafe-
would know it as he grabbed the nearest barber this side of       teria. Moving to a hill opposite Swint Hall to sit in passive
J. and L. Jon Reed Donnelly casually noticed Sandi                protest, (continued page 5)
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