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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2                         50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                                                        PAGE 5

History Class of 1966—continued                                ly greeted every day in the cafeteria with the gay tune
                                                               "Happy Birthday."

                                                               Joe Franco, Sixty-Six's "Man With a Camera," popped
                                                               flashbulbs and eyes constantly, Elayn earned the title
                                                               "Izzi", and the Zewe twins were eventually segregated into
                                                               Nancy and Rita.

                                                               Dick Wolfe, six-foot-six with an unmistakable laugh, got
                                                               crowned at the Dink Dance. Crowned Dink King, that is,
                                                               so Queen Sandi Wunderlich could share regal partnership.

                                                               Freshman elections rolled around in late autumn, and alt-
                                                               hough Groundhog Day hadn't then arrived, Ed Malewski
                                                               popped out of hibernation to oppose favored Fuzz for presi-
                                                               dent. Final results of well-run campaigns were announced
                                                               at the Fireball, then a Spokesman operated dance. Mike
                                                               came out as the "Wacks to Watch" (as advertized) for
                                                               Treasurer, Lanny Sacco had said the Vice-Presidency was
the frosh were threatened by utterly perturbed sophomore "in the Sac" (stretch a pun?) and proved correct, Judy
leaders to undergo a horrifying week of sophomore silence. ("Noody") Noonan successfully showed the fighting spirit
Imagine that! They threatened not to speak to freshmen for of "little" people, and Fuzz led the pack as Prez. Sixty-Six
a whole week!                                                  had elected its first set of officers. Glory and hard work to
A slightly bigger deal in the form of a stringent warn-ing the victors.
took place that day in the nation’s capital. President John F. Vatican II, the Twenty-First Ecumenical Council opened in
Kennedy, angered by movements on the part of Cuban in- Rome on Oct. 11, marked by religious overtones. Cuba was
surgent Fidel Castro, warned him against setting up Rus- making itself more and more a nuisance to Western Hemi-
sian missile sites in Cuba. The "Cuban Crisis" was devel- spheric safety. J.F.K. was worried and likewise were W. C.
oping rapidly.                                                 freshmen. Only the latter were concerned more with grades
                                                               than with Cuba. Such was the level of thought on campus.
Freshmen, however, were more concerned with their own          Buddy Greene and Al Roth, both Naval reservists, might
revolt, threat, and the subsequent Kangaroo Court. With Ed     have wondered if all-out war would lengthen their weekly
Buckley posing as the court-appointed defense attorney,        meetings into active service.
the frosh never had a chance. Ed later became a short-lived
member of the class, but he didn't help much at court. An Blonde-streaked M'Liz Sheridan, fresh from a self-inducted
egg-spattered audience helplessly watched Lu Riccio wild- course in Jack London novels, found a new, dear friend in
ly chased by an alleged mouse and freshmen do the foot- her beloved housemother, "Fang." Jay "Toots" Toohey,
stomp on scurds of spaghetti. While Kangaroo Court             Blaine Pinney, "Wild Bill" Hudnall, and Ed (the Squid)
proved not to be the most rewarding event, at least it ended Liccione joined Dick Wolke, "Ricky Rush" Rushmore,
weeks of harassment, dink-doffing, stupid speeches, and "Uce" Leckie, and Hank Kieffer in surviving the last cut
voyages to the depths of embarrassment.                        for the basketball squad. Their presence on the team drew
                                                               large freshman crowds to watch the hapless Cards blunder
The initial days of fun were immediately followed by pres-     their way through a miserable season.
sures of academic life (for some). Students of the arts faced
a schedule of basic courses: chemistry, math, history, Eng- Tom Tracy spent the morning, noon, and night nursing a
lish, and theology. A few of the less study-prone "scholars" neighborhood Irish Setter, "Seigfried" and try-ing to decide
claimed that James Meredith, under-going a harrowing or- if he'd make a better roommate than Joe Limacher. Joe
deal in gaining admission to Mississippi U, wouldn't have spent an equal amount of time wishing Tom would room
wanted to come to W. C. Most of these people established with Seigfried and leave him alone. This was precedent to
Friday evening rather than a four point Q. P. A. as their ul-
timate objective in scholas-tic life;                          the days of Joe's memorable mimics of "Big Al".

The upper rooms of Whelan Hall provided lodging for a          Dave Rentler, aided by Tom Sinicrope, gave cheap (not to
good number of freshman men. Blaine Pinney made a prac-        be confused with "inexpensive") dancing lessons to the
tice of antagonizing the blackrobes below by dribbling bil-    boys in "Zubu's" section. "Crazy Paul" Waldman earned
liard balls up and down the resounding corridor floors.        his title by jumping up and down on his bed at three o'clock
George McCrystal, alias Percy, antagonized himself by re-      in the a. m. Ski Schreiber was well on his way to lung can-
vealing to cohorts Tom (Spic) Garcia and Tom Regan that        cer and vast unpopularity by smoking cartons of O. P.'s.
he was once born. After that revelation, George was merri-     (Continued page 6)
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