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PAGE 6                                           50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                                       VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2

History Class of 1966—continued                                Wheeling, absconded with his second
                                                               semester tuition money, and took off for the Continent. He
Lossin and Wacks delved into Mike Deithorn's financial         also forgot his only blazer and pair of trousers. Hope
                                                               France has a nudist resort

                                                               Spring semester hailed the return of a smaller fresh-man
                                                               class. Several weeks elapsed before anyone noticed that
                                                               Malewski and John Rakoski hadn't come back for another

                                                               Tom Bartsch experimented with another of his nume-rous
                                                               fields of concentration, as Bobbi Walters and Kitty Kim-
                                                               mins teamed up to utilize their overloaded mental capaci-
                                                               ties at the bridge table.

                                                               Dan Rosing, to escape the clutches of "Muthie" (Carol
                                                               Muth), signed out to Ron Morgan's house with Rick
                                                               Havlak and Danny Pisano. Fr. McGroarty couldn't quite
                                                               figure out why anyone would go to "Morgan's".

habits and arrived at the lasting nickname "Hebe." Steve       In perhaps the least criticized liberal move of the year, the
Phillips confined himself to his humble Whelan abode in        Dean of Students abolished twelve o'clock lights-out.
preparing for a second semester transfer to Annapolis. Pen-    Greater student freedom. Hoorah!
ny McManamon dated John Koch, the first of her two "J.
B.'s."                                                         Several freshmen left their rooms at Whelan to fill vacan-
                                                               cies in McHugh. Chuck Wishnew, the oldest member of
"Spic" Garcia and "Crusher" Mike Kelley daily fought the       Sixty-Six, had finished Dr. Pinkus's chemistry course and
Battle of the Scales, while Ed Daly customarily washed         neglected to sign up for another attempt. Marg Jackall in-
and steamed his shirts in the shower room. Joe Wertzberger     vited inspiration to author widely-read poems; Don Hoff-
smiled classically while displaying enviable photos of his     man and Duke Geddis took charge of the record supply for
girl, as Richie Barone combed his Brooklyn pompadour           dances.
just right for Leigh. Davitt McAteer revealed plots to estab-
lish Fairmont as the capitol of the world, repudiating         "College Bowl", based on General Electric's T. V. pro-
Hruneni' s assertion that Pittsburgh was best in everything. gram, carried over from its first season in the snack bar.
                                                               Charlie Hayes, Crazy Paul, John Long, and his opposite
All this was interrupted by blaring radio announce-ments       number, John Small, scented defeat in the up-coming
that Russia intended to ship missiles to Cuba, re-jecting U.   match against an Ed Merrifield-captained team. Having
S. demands to the contrary. The globe wavered on the           abducted Big Ed before the session, they tied him spread-
brink of a third world war. Confessional lines shot up.        eagle to his bed, and proceeded to get soundly defeated by
Masses were jammed. The crisis reached its peak, J. F. K.      an Ed-less squad. Sometimes you just can't win!
stood firm, and the U. S. won a war of nerves. The chapel
quickly emptied. Everything returned to a "period of nor- "Harry the Prowler" made himself the topic of con-
malcy.''                                                       versation for weeks. First spotted by Mary McGuire and

Thanksgiving arrived on schedule and Edith John-o come         Jeanne Barrett, "Harry" soon attracted the attention of
in that area. Upperclassmen began "scarfing up" freshmen       Mary Jane, Nancy Seibert, and Peggy O'Kane. Marilyn
women, the men finding their ego more than ever in the         Manuzak added fright to the frightened with a screaming
bottoms of beer bottles. The break was welcome, but exam       report that Harry had been sighted from the ironing room.
cramming added a new word to M'Liz's abundant vocabu-          The news spread rapidly, arousing thwart-ed heroism from
lary.                                                          the masculine set. Weeks passed and tension mounted. Fi-

                                                               nally, two scarlet-faced local teen-agers were caught red-
December 7 saw Sixty-Six celebrating the anniver-sary of handed, but their capture proved a disappointment because
Pearl Harbor with a class party in McHugh Hall's Rec
                                                               everyone knew that "Harry" was still at large.
(Wreck) Room. Fifty cents and a Freshman Class member-
ship entitled one to a grand old non-alcoholic time of sing- John "Tiny" Heiberger, chairman of Student Council's
                                                               Transportation Committee, requisitioned buses for W.C.'s
ing, dancing, and counting flowers on the wall.
                                                               and West Liberty's joint musical entertainment venture,
Exams swung a light axe at the feet of Sixty-Six. "Smilin'     The Four Freshmen. Suffering a loss at the door, Wheel-
Bill" Morrow scraped the bottom of the Q.P.A. barrel, but      ing's Council paid about $75.00, one third of the show's
he got out of Biology and performed academically               financial deficit. (Continued page 7)
the next year. Ski left a load of bad marks and debts at
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