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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2               50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                                                           PAGE 8

History Class of 66 continued

Bobby Baker meanwhile voluntarily resigned from his
Senate secretaryship under heavy fire from Dean Burch.
Political scandals were cropping up. Washington had sur-
vived the August 28th civil rights march, and now set it-
self for a shock.

D. C., and the entire world, received nothing less than a
shock. On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kenne-
dy, while riding through Dallas, Texas, in a motor-cade,
was assassinated by a sniper's well-aimed bullet. Lee Har-
vey Oswald, a part-time Soviet citizen, was the man be-
hind the trigger. Oswald himself was shot a few days later.
The President's death caused great universal sorrow.
A class party was cancelled due to the startling assassina-     sole dissenting vote.
tion. When finally held, the pseudo-Hawaiian fes-tivities       Nancy and Rita, having duped almost everyone into believ-
flopped. Investigations were immediately begun for the          ing they were sisters, managed to continue the notion until
next class date, Mickey Keppel and Bill "Mudhole" Noel          they had been appointed Summer Newsletter chairmen.

being named co-chairman. Three proposals-a bowling par-         W. C. lasted through a snack bar demonstration protesting
ty, a ski party, and a St. Patrick's Day affair, were rejected  Valley View Avenue's off-limits status to witness five Six-
by the implacable class. The committee finally decided on       ty-Sixers plan for a year's leave of absence. Charlie Hayes,
a St. Pattie's Day party in Swint Lounge in conjunction         headed for the University of Madrid, and Mitzi Gyenes,
with the freshman class. Fortun-ately, and surprisingly, it     Marcie Mattox, Gloria Brown, and Jeanne Bar-\t, for whom
turned out successfully.                                        all roads led to Rome, set their junior year sights across the

Bill Reffner, wearied after chairing the Christmas Party, sat Atlantic.
down to listen to Bob "Dean of Dirt" Staub's sports com-
mentaries. Joe Holly demonstrated that he was both a man        Fr. James F. Muldowney, Dean of the College, died sud-
and an athlete by representing Sixty-Six on the Men's Intra-    denly at a conference at Chicago's North Central accredita-
mural Committee. Tony White, not one to miss St. Pattie's       tion Association meeting in April. Wheeling College deep-
Day, helped paint the outhouse green.                           ly mourned the loss of such a great man. Fr. John Schnei-
                                                                der filled in as pro tempore dean until the fall of '64.
Dr. John Donovan followed Fr. Robert Roth's initial ap-
pearance in Dean Muldowney's Meet the Author series.            Montezuma expended his full revenge on Sixty-Six's Mexi-
Lou Kaufman portrayed Willie Shakespeare in the honor           can crew over the summer. Mary Lynn "Olga" Pomory,
societies' Bellarmine Symposium - Two Faces of Genius,          Tom Gale, Marilyn Manuzak, and Tom Shelton took turns
twelve sophomores graced Gambol's chorus line, and the          laughing at each other's misery. Paul Lang and Jay Phillips
all-too-tempting cigarette machines were re-located in the      found relief in bottles of Tequila, while Nancy "Si" Seibert
recesses of lower Swint lobby.                                  "just couldn't wait" to call Skip (or get off the phone.)

Lack of unity became the main issue in the spring class         Mac's lost its notoriety as Jewish burlesque hall and opened
elections. Rich Barone, elections chairman, gaped as the        under new management (John MacFadden) as an ice-cream

apathetic class of '66 sent 100% to the polls. Three new parlor the following autumn. Day-hops tested Goodyear all
officers, President Frank Gaglione, V. P. John Becker, and -weather puncture-proof tires on W. C.'s no-weather punc-
Treasurer Mary Jane Mulvey formed a leadership quartet ture-positive parking lot. Bill Haines operated the tap at
with incumbent Secretary Pat Pellegrini. Agitation some- Tom's and George Hersey, John Denne, and J.R.D. exhibit-
how immediately ceased following elections, when most of ed tangible results of fruitful off-campus activities.
the usual unconscientious objectors failed find a suitable
scapegoat their problems.                                       "Dynamite" Dowling refused to let intellectualism divorce
                                                                him from proctor duties, Mr. Agostino meanwhile intro-

Barry Goldwater announced his candidacy for the Republi- duced "sit downs" to Wheeling diners.
can Presidential nomination, astronaut John Glenn quickly
shuffled from the Marine Corps to Ohio's senatorial race to     Rosalie Anastasi eluded Philadelphia's August race riots to
the bathtub to the hospital, and Bobby Baker invoked the        assist Lanny Sacco as co-chairman of the Blazer Ball. Lilli-
Fifth Amendment 121 times in one 1inquisition session.          an Gangwere acted as hostess to an ultra-sophisticated
On the Wheeling political scene, Pat Reichhardt magnified       cocktail party preceding the Ball. Mickey MacFadyen to-

the benefits of a "democratic" system," by vetoing the          tally eliminated studies for two weeks to cheer on the Yan-

switch of a Hurley-type political science exam with her kees over San Francisco (Continued page 9)
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