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VOLUME 7 ISSUE 2                                 50 YEAR CLUB NEWSLETTER                                        PAGE 9

History Class of 1966—continued                              temporary with Sixty-Six plans for a greater Junior Week.
                                                             Frannie and J.R.V.S. took overall command, Davitt and
                                                             Izzi enlisted the able musical services of Pittsburgh jazz-
                                                             man Harold Betters, Hebe and Olga planned the Ring
                                                             Dance, and Tom Shelton christened his house as Sixty-
                                                             Six's perennial party place. Kay Barbour put the ice on Jun-
                                                             ior Week's skating party, Jim Witchko and Roe arranged a
                                                             lavish banquet, and Dynamite fixed up an equally delicious
                                                             communion breakfast. A huge financial (Tom Bartsch's
                                                             department) and social success, Junior Week was a series
                                                             of Wheeling College "firsts."

                                                             March elections ushered in four new class officers and

                                                             three Sixty-Six Student Council officers. Ed Kelleher was

                                                             elected to preside over the rising seniors, Richie Barone to

                                                             preside over the vice. Terry Kirwan (secretary) and Treas-

in the Series and academically and otherwise-inclined John urer Bob Kunczt rounded out the quartet.
"Otto:, Becker quipped, "Lucy, huh? Sure wouldn't mind
meeting her!"                                                The majority of voters in the student body cast their ballots
                                                             for Henry Kieffer, who edged out "Squid" Liccione for
Edward called attention to spacious Ruckman Park, Terry Student Council President. Ron De Caro beat Mud-hole for
analyzed communistic life in off-campus housing and Dan Treasurer, and Pat Pellegrini ran unopposed to occupy the
Rosing finally had to take over the Spokesman’s helm.        secretary's position. Sixty-Six came to the fore!
Tom Scales and Carole Meehan chaired W. C.'s intramural
committees, while Kaysi Mulroy and Tom made "John the        Soon after elections came the Junior-Senior prom, dedicat-
Shot" Small and Jean Knittel polish all the rings.           ed to Fr. Joseph Kerns. Queen Mary Jane reigned over the
                                                             regal assembly, assisted by Kay and Marcia. Marcia also
Fuzz lettered in activities as the Lettermen came to town. served as co-chairman of the dinner-dance held at the ex-
Ubiquitous Berger got in on the fun, as usual. The week- clusive Fort Henry Club.
end was highlighted by W. C.'s second annual
"homecoming game."                                           Nancy Seibert was coerced into accepting co-chair-
                                                             manship (with Edward) of the Class History committee;
Peggy Porter continued nonchalantly to astound her class- that's how this whole thing began. Dan Rosing volun-
mates with native intelligence, and Fr. Jenemann's well- teered to organize these materials to distribute for Junior ,
attended metaphysics course proved a sufficient testting philosophy orals. Roe and Joe Holly agreed to see if the
ground. Glory Timchak had transferred to Bethany, a frac-
tional example of Sixty-Six's numerous losses. Janie Mis-    class wanted to leave a gift at graduation; and, if so, what.
ta's familiar smile was gone, Jim Witchko's pedestrian days  Bill Stoehr, who had previously run a poll of day-hop prob-
were a thing of the past, but John Kruzeski never lost his   lems, took over Ace Weitzel's job as head of the Student
"Spark" around Bruno. Ral’ s hand had gotten over John       Welfare Committee. Terry's new duties kept her busy, and
Glaser's blow-torch experiment, as "Down Town" Charlie       she was replaced by Mickey Keppel. Izzi was also added as
Cronin hosted several festive gatherings at the McLure.      a new committee member.

Dick Smith might have been quoted as remarking: "Yeah, I     Gags, by virtue of his great job as class prez, got the all-
know them. Dated one a couple of times. Benwood girls."      important, untried position of Freshman Class chair-man.
And Dick Stenger: "She might still be in high school, but I  Squid (Chairman), Carole Meehan, and Tom Bartsch filled
                                                             vacancies on Fr. Burke's Academic Affairs committee.
don't argue with thirty-six, twenty-two ... "

L.B.J. underwent a rough time attempting to escape incrim-   Another summer excursion to Mexico characterized that
ination in long-time pal Walter Jenkins' Y.M.C.A. athletic   season for some in the next graduating class. Harry met his
activities. The President's fan mail included some nasties   New Orleans sweetie, Jay and Paul got Monte-zuma's re-
                                                             venge again, Crazy and M'Liz tested Tequila, and tested it
during this excruciatingly embarrassing period.              and tested it.

Guarding and sorting W. C. fan mail was the job of Greg      Mike Wacks, Regina Kram, and Pat Pellegrini toured the
Loftus, a mail room expert with a notable proclivity toward
red-headed sophomores. Karen Burris got the feel of a sore European Continent during June and July. Regina prepared
throat and strained vocal chords in leading cheers for more well in advance for the trip, scrutinizing fine arts books and
successful Cardinal B-ball team.                             travelogues. Upon arriving at various destinations, Regie
                                                             and Pattie scampered off to seldom visited monuments of
Lyndon Johnson promised America a "Great Society," con- great tourist interest. (Continued page 10)
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