Alumni In Recruitment Community Networking

WJU alumni who wish to become involved can choose from two programs.

Refer a Student You Know
Alumni who know of a high school student who would benefit from a WJU education can deliver admissions materials and become the first point of contact. In some cases, just personally delivering a viewbook is all you need to know. In other cases, the Admissions process is facilitated by talking with those young men and women about what Wheeling Jesuit has to offer as well as your experiences, outcomes and post-graduation successes, all grounded in your education at WJU.

Introduce Admissions Reps to School Officials
Alumni who are school officials or who have connections at high schools in their area can make an impact by helping link WJU admissions reps to superintendents, principals, guidance counselors and teachers at high schools in their hometown. If there are officials at a local high school that you have contact with, we ask you to serve as the liaison between members of the University community and the high school officials, providing the link to bring these two groups together.