Class of 1959

Al Castilow and wife Kitty

Joe Chincheck and wife Barb

Bill Coleman and wife Bonniegail

Mary Kay Beltz Emmerth

Bernie Glenn and wife Bea

Robert Kammer and wife Carol

Pente Camilletti Shepherd

Joan Sponseller Celento

Jim Weaver and Connie Weaver ‘60


Class of 1960

Al Reed

Ed Shahady     


Class of 1961

Jane Friday

Dan Haller

Class of 1964

John Aluise and wife Barbara

Tom Benek and Lucreta Riccio Benek ‘66

Bernard Brunner and wife Rose Marie

Frank and Judith Carroll

Peter Goewey

Mack and Deanne Hill

Eugene Julian and wife Evelyn

JJ Lauer and Glenn Carson

Patrick O’Brien and wife Gail

Timothy O'Hanlon and wife Diana

James Passon

Robert Ruggieri and Maryann Canuso Ruggieri

Martha Buckley Shields and husband Jim, daughter Kate and grandsons Drew, Jake, Kevin, Jack and Tim, as well as John and Kari Shields and grandchildren Brianna and Michael

Ellen Fitzgerald Shulock and husband Mike

Jim Smith and wife Sandy

Amy Potesta Weber and husband Stephen


Class of 1966

Lillian Gangwere Cale and David Cale ‘86

John Glaser and wife Donna

Mary Moore


Class of 1968

Philip and Barbara Rusciolelli


Class of 1969

Michael Barile

Jack Bodkin and wife Christine

Michael Breen and Dona Breen

Ben Burrell and Dede Burrell ‘70

Tim Cogan and Janet Boyle

Martin Costello and wife Eileen

Chesterene Cwiklik

Kathleen David

Dee Culley Davis and husband Jim

Frank (Sandy) and Joyce Sedney Doherty

Marian Niedenberger Doyle

Barney Dreistadt

Trish Hymel Gallagher

Mary Lu Mitchell Gormley and husband Michael Gormley ‘67

Eileen Grimmer

John Hannig

Jim Hooper and wife Judy

James Howard and Joan Blandin Howard ‘70

Ed Jepson and Mary Jo Meyers Jepson ‘70

Russell Keil and Julia Breiner Keil ‘70

Maureen Kunkel

Susan Worth-LaManna and husband Al

Ginny Geary Laskovics and husband Mark

Sandy Jarboe Lynch and husband John ‘68   

Michael Manuzak and wife Bobbie

Fred McDonald and wife Barb

Linda McGurn and husband Robert

Marjorie Schratz McNamara and Terry McNamera ‘68

Jim McSherry and wife Mary Brady McSherry ‘75

Steve Meehan

Joe Metzler and wife Mary Jo

Tom Niland and wife Beth

Sheila Norris

Patty Schab O'Brien

Edward O’Connell and wife Barbara

Patricia Weitzel-O’Neill and husband Bob

Nancy Pfaff

Rob Reiley and wife Donna

Thomas Simpson

Paul Spelman and Rett Heywood Spelman ‘70

Charlie Steinbraker and wife Daryl

Penny O’Brien Stenger          

Kathleen Thomas

Jack Tracey and wife Mary Ellen

Tom Wack and wife Carole

Joe Walshe and wife Mary                

John Wenstrup and Karen Nangle Wenstrup ‘71

Veronica Serratore Whitelaw

David Winchester and wife Margaret


Class of 1971

Ed Buckley and wife Fran

Bill Day and Maria Tasz Day ‘75


Class of 1972

Tom Burke and Bette Sgroi Burke ‘71

Robby de Andrade

Pat Gannon and wife Cathy


Class of 1973

John O’Brien


Class of 1974

Peter Flynn and wife Susan

John Giese and wife Joanne

Betty and Tommy Hartnett

Hugh Keany and Kathleen Gormley Keany ‘73          

William McCormick and wife Ruth Anne

Michael Moyer and wife Krystyna

Jim Osborne and Maureen McCormick Osborne ‘77

Steve Siwinski and wife Rita

Robert Zwahlen


Class of 1977

Paul Currie and wife Pam

Marilou Doughty


Class of 1978

Steve Barry

Tom Sussingham


Class of 1979

Christopher Bermel

Terri and Chris Doyle

Louise Ferreira and husband Joseph

Barbara Bonner Flores

John Gundling and wife Kathy

Evelyn Harkins and husband Jesse Corning ‘78

Ellen Hedling

Kathleen Hurley

Winifred Yanity Lehman

Chris Downing Little and husband Gary

Anne and Dan Moran

Jeff and Mary Bodkin Paul

Susan Naccarato Smith and Alex Smith ‘77

Lale Front Virostek, daughter Laura and guest Eileen Schomburger

Keith White and wife Brenda

Thomas Winters


Class of 1980

Neil Rattigan


Class of 1982

Ray Benack

Kevan and Marguerite Fritsch


Class of 1983

Betsy Front Babb


Class of 1984

Bruce Brubaker and wife Tracy

Kate Carrigan- Hill and mother Joan Carrigan

Karen Albert Emmerth


Class of 1985

Mary Beth Murray Emmerth

Kelly Klubert


Class of 1988

Sean Courts


Class of 1989

Gern Blanston

Janet Huang Fitzpatrick and Michael Fitzpatrick ‘88 and children Beth and Sean

Bob and Judi Knott

Kevin Major


Class of 1990

Stuart Baier and Kathryn Malcarney Baier ‘92


Class of 1991

Harry Ferguson

Russ Hadorn

Anne Gemensky Metzler and husband Steve

Anna Marie Troiani


Class of 1992  

Marie Corson 

Jennifer Drozdowski   

Carole Servidio


Class of 1993

Vicky Blatt Minzler

Joe Munhall, Anna Wickline Munhall ’94 and their children Will and Maryn.

Erik Tavenner

Class of 1994

Cassie Doty and husband William

Annie Florak

Ann Hardebeck

Laura Shoaff Lombardi and children Adelina and Joseph

Patty Lesky Lograsso

Jennifer Davis Mohtashemi

Sean Sullivan


Class of 1995

Robin McQuillian


Class of 1999

Michael Hovanic and wife Kristen


Class of 2000

Amelia Murray Richter, husband Nicholas and children Juliana and Ava


Class of 2002

Cara Giese Springer and husband Christopher


Class of 2004

Brandi Kidwell and Andy Kidwell ‘06

Jeanine Vignjevic


Class of 2006

Kevin Ritz

Class of 2008

Jonathan Proto and guest Ryan Schreiber


Class of 2009

Caitlin Beam

Stacy Keller Kelleher, husband Matt and daughter Claire

Kayla Heslep Kerr and husband Scott

Noah Mull and Kayla Mull ‘12

Justin Pastorius and Layne Starkey

Valerie Grimes Piko and Larry Piko ‘06          


Class of 2013

Jennifer Elias and guest Forrest Merryman