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Last of three brothers graduates
from Wheeling Jesuit

                                                                                                    “In case something

                                                                                                  was ever wrong or if we

                                                                                                  just needed a friend to

                                                                                                  hang out with, I always

                                                                                                  had one of my brothers

                                                                                                  to go to, and that was

                                                                                                  always comforting,”

                                                                                                  Michael added.

                                                                                                    The eldest sibling,

                                                                                                  Joe, decided to con-

Joe & his wife, Stephen and Michael are pictured with their grandfather Bill ’63, who             tinue his education at
influenced the trio to come to WJU.                                                               Wheeling Jesuit after
                                                                                                  earning his bachelor’s

Joe, Michael and Stephen Probert Jesuit,” said Stephen. “WJU has                       degree in 2011. He then earned

never thought they would all end defined who we really are and                         his doctorate in physical therapy

up going to the same college —     what we can bring to the table.”                    in 2013 — just enough time to

let alone majoring and graduating  The Probert’s family lineage                        spend one full year with his two

in the same field with the same    dates back to their grandfather,                    brothers.

degree. For the last nine years,   Bill Floria, Sr., class of 1964 and                 It was the athletic training pro-

a Probert has been part of the     their uncle, Bill Floria Jr., Class of gram that brought out the best in

Wheeling Jesuit University pop- 1984 — who laid the foundation                         the Proberts — earning them each

ulation and Saturday, May 7, was for their family’s decade long stint accolades and high honors upon

bittersweet.                       at WJU.                                             graduation.

The final brother, Stephen,        “As far as being a family affair,                   Stephen’s graduation doesn’t

graduated in May, bringing to an it was great for me. I knew that I                    leave a major family void at

end a legacy that spanned nearly always had my brothers there so it Wheeling Jesuit. He has two

a decade. A member of the Class was kind of like a security blanket. cousins attending WJU — Antho-

of 2016, he earned a bachelor’s in I established my own group of                       ny Floria and Sam Weir — mean-

athletic training.                 friends, like they did as well, but                 ing the legacy will live on.

“It was our grandfather who        we always knew that we had each                     “I might have followed my

influenced us to come here. We’ll other there,” said Michael, class of brothers’ footsteps, but we all

all admit, if he didn’t, we probably 2014.                                             made different splashes,” said

wouldn’t have attended Wheeling                                                        Stephen.

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