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MONEY names Wheeling Jesuit
best college in West Virginia

Wheeling Jesuit provides students with an affordable, quality, liberal
‘‘’’Recognition continues to propel Wheeling Jesu-
arts education and prepares them well for the job market.

                                                                                                     — Rev. James Fleming, S.J.
                                                                                        President, Wheeling Jesuit University

                                                        most value — that is, a great education, at an afford-

it University ahead of the competition with another     able price, that prepares students for rewarding ca-

magazine ranking placing the university as the top      reers. Then the magazine screened out schools with

institution in West Virginia.                           graduation rates below the median, financial difficul-
    MONEY agrees with two other publications — Col-     ties, or fewer than 500 undergraduates.

lege Raptor, Inc. and U.S. News & World Report — that       The remaining 705 colleges were ranked on 24

Wheeling Jesuit University is the best university in the factors in three categories: educational quality, afford-

Mountain State.                                         ability, and alumni success. Plus, MONEY measured

For the second straight year, College Raptor, Inc., comparative value by assessing how well students at

recently named Wheeling Jesuit the “hidden gem          each school did versus what’s expected for students

institution” of West Virginia’s institutions of higher  with similar economic and academic backgrounds,
learning and U.S. News has again ranked WJU as the
                                                        and the college’s mix of majors.
best university in the state.                               MONEY also posted comments from current stu-

“There is a national audience that is recognizing dents about WJU.

what so many already know — that Wheeling Jesuit        One student said, “It has a Jesuit name so it is

provides students with an affordable, quality, liberal pretty prestigious. Once potential employers look at

arts education and prepares them well for the job       your resume´ the name will give you an extra edge

market. Our dedicated faculty, beautiful campus and against other people. My faculty advisor is great for

challenging curriculum provide students an environ- helping me with classes and internship shopping.”

ment conducive to obtaining a well-rounded educa-       Another added, “The class sizes are excellent if

tion,” said WJU President, Rev. James Fleming, S.J. you’re into small classroom settings. The majority of

    Wheeling Jesuit joins many other prestigious        your general ed classes (core classes) will typically
institutions that MONEY chose as the best college       have more kids, but once you get into your specified

in their state. They include the University of Penn-    major classes, they can be small. With this being said,

sylvania, Berea College in Kentucky, The Ohio State it’s nice because you have a good student/teacher

University and Georgetown University in the District of ratio. The professors are generally nice and they will

Columbia.                                               take the time to help you. Plus, they know you by
    MONEY determined which of the roughly 2,000         name, first and last.”

four-year U.S. colleges and universities deliver the

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