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osa raises                                              Bishop Michael J. Bransfield offers remarks.


have so many benefactors who care about our stu-        World/Don’t You Worry Child,” arranged by The Pen-
dents and university,” said Rev. James Fleming, S.J.,   tatonix.
president of WJU.
                                                            “Since Gaudiosa launched three years ago, it has
    Many of the students who are recipients of schol-   been an evening with a purpose. Gaudiosa allows us
arships were a part of the evening’s festivities. Stu-  to showcase our students as performers and volun-
dents greeted guests as they arrived for the evening    teers. The evening gives our guests a chance to meet
and provided valet parking. A WJU student a capella     many of the students who are benefiting from their
group, It’s All About the Bass, performed “Save the     generosity,” said Fr. Fleming.

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