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While most sisters are in their 70s and 80s, the  challenging, but the sisters give us motivation and
oldest sister is 98-years-old.                        something to look forward to each week,” said WJU
                                                      PT student Kelsey Holloway.
    “She loves it,” said Grubler. “Our students do
balance work and stretches with her, and we can           Student Alyssa Angle added, “When we enter
actually see an improvement. She’s in great shape.”   Mount St. Joseph, we are greeted with eager faces
                                                      of the sisters who have waited so patiently to see us
    For Wheeling Jesuit students, working with the    and exercise, making it one of the most rewarding
sisters has created a special bond.                   feelings.”

    “The PT program can be demanding and                                                                     21

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