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                                       Our curriculum, dedicated faculty                                      ‘‘’’

                                       and beautiful campus provide

                                       students an environment perfect

                                       for learning.

                                                                                — Rev. James Fleming, S.J.
                                                                                               WJU President

Wheeling Jesuit named best
‘hidden gem’ university in West Virginia

For the second straight year,              Wheeling Jesuit University was  selectivity, student-to-faculty ratio
College Raptor Inc., has named         one of 49 institutions recognized   and other factors.
Wheeling Jesuit University the         across the country. One college
best hidden gem institution in the     was named from each state, with         The announcement is meant
state of West Virginia.                the exception of Alaska, which did  to call attention to institutions,
                                       not have an institution meeting     which may be overlooked by
    Hidden gem institutions are        the criteria for recognition.       many students but stand out in
defined as “high-caliber colleges                                          terms of academic rigor and stu-
and universities which receive             The top hidden gem university   dent success.
fewer than 5,000 applicants per        in each state was determined by
year but have a total enrollment of    analyzing colleges based on their       College Raptor, Inc., a col-
greater than 1,000.”                   enrollment and application data     lege-matching platform, builds
                                       submitted to the Integrated Post-   products to help students, parents
    “Our university is truly a hidden  secondary Education Data System     and college enrollment manag-
gem in the state of West Virginia      (IPEDS).                            ers resolve some of the biggest
and the region. Wheeling Jesu-                                             challenges in college planning. It
it’s curriculum, dedicated faculty         Each institution also received  is the only college search platform
and beautiful campus provide           an “Overall Ranking” of quality     that allows users to estimate their
students an environment perfect        based on academic and outcome       individual “net” cost for attend-
for learning,” said WJU President,     data, including graduation rate,    ing every four-year college in the
Rev. James Fleming, S.J.                                                   United States.

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