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is a recipe for healthy eating. The patrons then go to       Living the Mission
the market truck to purchase some of the necessary
vegetables and other ingredients to take home. But                                                WJU alumnus
before departing, and thanks to WVU Extension, the                                                Fr. Paul Abertanty ’01
dish they will prepare at home can be tasted there.                                               and Fr. Woods
The point – deep hungers and deep gladness meet
— magis.                                                                                                                        27

    All of the above – food, farming, care for the earth,
care for the poor and justice — I attempt to integrate
into my academic courses. I involve the students in
these various experiences as much as I am able. And
we eat together! It is what I like to call an “intellectual
and gustatory” exploration of food and faith. I am ar-
ticulating a “theology of eating.” In many ways, food is
a simple thing. Someone grows it, someone prepares
and someone eats it.

    But in reality, food/eating is perhaps one the most
complicated human acts since it involves so many
facets of creation and human ingenuity. Author Wen-
dell Berry has said, “Eating is an agricultural act.” We
have become so disconnected from this simple but
profound insight.

    We also know that eating does more than
just fill our bellies but has a transcendent
dimension to it. Christians call this Eucharist,
communion. Jesus spent much time at table
effecting his marvelous plan of healing and
reconciliation. As theologian Norman Wirzba
describes it, “To remember Jesus is to join in
a re-membering of a world dis-membered
by sin.” Eating together has a singular capac-
ity to foster communion with God, humanity
and all of creation.

    So let’s gather at the table, making a hos-
pitable gesture of welcoming and enabling
the whole of creation and all God’s children
to share in the peace and joy of the divine life
— magis — AMDG.

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