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Expanding my reach
beyond Wheeling

By Kelly Swan ’04
Ignatian Solidarity Network

In August of 2000, as a freshman   social justice, and reflection upon      In August of 2016, my fami-
at Wheeling Jesuit University, I   the spiritual and social implica-    ly and I made a significant leap,
had yet to realize the impact WJU  tions of the community involve-      moving from Wheeling to Univer-
and the city of Wheeling would     ment that was part of my time as     sity Heights, Ohio, after I accepted
have on my life.                   a student provided a formative       a position working as communi-
                                   experience that has extended into    cations manager for the Ignatian
    Over the course of the next    my adult life, and my choice to      Solidarity Network (ISN). Alumni
16 years, Wheeling became my       continue to find ways to work for    from the years surrounding my
adopted “hometown.” I have spent

                 WJU’s emphasis on service, social justice, and

‘‘’’ reflection upon the spiritual and social implications
                 of the community involvement that was part of my
                 time as a student provided a formative experience
                 that has extended into my adult life
close to a cumulative 11 years     justice. Opportunities for involve-  own class, 2004, may remem-
in Wheeling, longer than any-      ment with campus ministry and        ber ISN’s early days, through
where else. I came as a student    service opportunities, including     attendance at the Ignatian Fam-
to WJU, and maintained, in many    one academic year and few sum-       ily Teach-In at the School of the
incarnations, my connection and    mers as a Mother Jones House         Americas protest at Fort Benning,
commitment to the university and   resident, provided tangible, trans-  Georgia. More recent alumni, cur-
the mission of Jesuit education    formative experiences that have      rent students, faculty and staff may
through the years and seasons of   shaped my professional decisions     have additionally attended a long
my own life and my family’s life.  in the subsequent years.             list of programs developed by ISN
                                                                        in the last five years.  
    WJU’s emphasis on service,

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