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   Wrestling team embodies
   “The Cardinal Culture” of service

                                                           Wrestlers help
                                                           organize sponsor
                                                           banners at the
                                                           Wheeling Heart

Call it helping others, volunteering or lending a hand.    Alzheimer’s Walk, the First Christian Church pumpkin
For the WJU wrestling team, service to others is “The      sale; Special Olympics; HESS mentoring program;
Cardinal Culture.”                                         and Wheeling Youth Wrestling.

    Coach Sean Doyle instills in his team being a man          Doyle explained that service is part of the educa-
for others is a key component of the team’s culture.       tional experience for his team members. “From the
                                                           time individuals visit campus as a recruit to their tran-
    “Service is part of our culture on the wrestling       sition to an undergrad, I tell them what the expecta-
team. As a new program, just four years old, living the    tions are when it comes to service. I believe serving
mission is a key part of the team – one of the pillars of  others almost has become a sort of addiction for
the program is to be active, involved and a leader in      them. The joy and appreciation that they receive from
the community,” said Doyle.                                event coordinators creates a wonderful experience for
                                                           our guys.”
    If service hours in the community is any indication,
then WJU’s wrestling team is making an impact.                 Anthony “T.J.” Smith of Cleveland, Ohio said help-
                                                           ing in the Wheeling community “has made me more
    In 2015-2016 academic year, members logged             appreciative of other people’s circumstances. Serving
nearly 1,150 service hours. They worked for various        others allows me to forget about myself for a moment
groups, including: the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat           – and help someone else out.”
Regatta benefitting the Easter Seals Rehabilitation
Center; the American Heart Association Walk; the

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