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Living the Mission

    He added, “Right now, life is blessing me by giving                      31
me opportunities to help others. The world doesn’t
revolve around me and doing service always helps
me keep that in perspective.”

    Teammate Brad Kakos of Columbus said he got a
taste of serving others in high school.

    “Serving others has really taught me that what I
am doing here at Wheeling Jesuit, I can take back
to my own community and make an impact. Most of
what I do at WJU is focused on me. Service allows
me take a moment and put the the focus on others,”
Kakos said.

    Both young men have plans for life after gradu-
ation. Kakos plans to do a year of service when he
completes his degree in May, while Smith plans to
return home and begin making an impact in his field.

    Doyle said it is important for young men to see the
impact serving others has. “When the team realiz-
es how much others appreciate what they do, that’s
when it becomes a part of who they are and how they
live their lives.” he added. “These guys are fine exam-
ples of being men for others and embody our mission
each and every day.”

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