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WJU’s Jesuit Identity Team promoting
the mission among employees

By Ralph Seward ’06
Analyst, Institutional Research & JIT member

Wheeling Jesuit University’s Jesuit Identity Team (JIT)     entails more than seeing to bodily health and edu-
is on a mission – to serve, inspire and educate the         cating the mind and intellect. It requires nourishing
faculty and staff with the core principles of Catholic      the spirit. The JIT mission, is to provide nourishment
Jesuit education.                                           for the spirit of the faculty and staff, both collectively
                                                            and individually. The team does this by seeking ways
    As the mission of the university is to educate          to inspire them, to help them to see God in all things
students for Life, Leadership and Service, the mission      and to foster a sense of community - a common
of JIT is to infuse Jesuit spirituality into those who are  “Jesuit Identity.”
responsible for educating our students. In essence,
the JIT supports and cares for those who care for the           To help meet the needs of the campus commu-
students.                                                   nity, JIT meets monthly to decide future program-
                                                            ming and to discuss significant issues related to the
    “Years ago, it was assumed that the religious           mission. The team is called upon to provide a mission
mission of a school was maintained by the fact that
Jesuits were present,” said Jamey Brogan, director
of Mission and Identity and facilitator of JIT “With
fewer Jesuits, and in an age when fewer belong to an
organized religion, we must be more collaborative,
deliberate and inviting about our mission.”

    The Jesuit Identity Team was called together

by the Office of the President in 2008 to promote
Wheeling Jesuit University’s Catholic, Jesuit mission.
The JIT team is comprised of a broad spectrum of
people who came from diverse religious background
at the university, and include members of the Jesuit
community, faculty, administrators, staff and students.

    Among the primary tenants of the teachings of

St. Ignatius are “to find God in all things” and Cura
Personalis. Cura Personalis requires both care for
each individual, and care for the whole person. This

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