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perspective on larger university projects, like the                      Living the Mission
strategic plan and leadership for ad hoc taskforces
to foster the mission. It also assists with the mission      WHAT JIT DOES
accrediting examen of the Society of Jesus.                  JIT plans and facilitates opportunities for
                                                             employees to engage the university’s mis-
    JIT will continue to infuse the spirit of Jesuit spiri-  sion through reflection, discussion, prayer
tuality into the hearts and minds of everyone at WJU.        and service. These activities include:
                                                             • Luncheons: a facilitated discussion on
    “It is a joy to work with this group of thoughtful,
prayerful and enthusiastic colleagues who generously          a single topic over lunch offered several
share their time and talents to help others come to           times a semester. Topics, usually drawn
know and love our mission,” said Brogan. “JIT serves          from Conversations in Jesuit Higher Edu-
as a leaven in the loaf. By sharing the mission, we also      cation and America magazines, have in-
build community among employees.”                             cluded “The Compatibility of Science and
                                                              Religion,” “Mother Theresa’s Long, Dark
Chronicle | Autumn 2016                                       Night,” “Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition,”
                                                              and “The Jesuit Identity of Pope Francis.”

                                                             • Book Reading Groups: a semester or
                                                              year-long discussion group reading a
                                                              book highlighting aspects of our Catholic
                                                              Jesuit mission and identity. Selections
                                                              have included The Jesuit Guide to (Almost)
                                                              Everything by Rev. James Martin, S.J., and
                                                              Tattoos on the Heart by Rev. Greg Boyle,
                                                              S.J., founder of Homeboy Industries.

                                                             • Prayer Groups: lasting six-week, semes-
                                                              ter- or year-long. Employees gather in
                                                              a small group to share experiences of
                                                              prayer. Using prayer resources based on
                                                              Scripture, the liturgical season, and the
                                                              Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.

                                                             • Liturgy and Worship: JIT collaborates with
                                                              Campus Ministry to promote university lit-
                                                              urgies, such as the Mass of the Holy Spirit
                                                              and to offer ecumenical prayer services
                                                              periodically for employee concerns.

                                                             • Other training and instruction through
                                                              Mission and Identity: sessions on St.
                                                              Ignatius of Loyola, his worldview and
                                                              spirituality, Jesuit education, and Ignatian

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