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Students, employees help feed the
hungry through daily ‘bread runs’

At a time when most students and employees are still       Steltenkamp, S.J., WJU’s Alpha Sigma Nu moderator.
in bed or having that morning cup of coffee, mem-              Fr. Steltenkamp began the daily food pick ups in
bers of Alpha Sigma Nu are picking up food items
from local grocery stores or restaurant – living out its   2001 with the assistance of an alumnus and ASN
mission to help feed the hungry.                           member — Richard Riesbeck ’03. He asked the pres-
                                                           ident and CEO of Riesbeck Food Markets, if the food
    Every day of the week – weekends included –            store would donate their leftover or clearance items
WJU students, employees and alumni involved in             to Catholic Charities, as long as WJU students would
Alpha Sigma Nu take turns driving to a Riesbeck            pick up items and deliver them.
Food Markets in the Ohio Valley, the Kroger on Mt.
de Chantal Road or Panera Bread in St. Clairsville to          “Thus the ’bread runs’ were born,” said Fr. Stelten-
gather up leftover baked goods, meats and deli items.      kamp.

    The volunteers, 22 in all, then deliver the food           He explained that membership in the National Je-
to Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center in East          suit honor society — Alpha Sigma Nu, differs slightly at
Wheeling. The donated food is used to help feed the        each Jesuit institution. At Wheeling Jesuit, the honor
homeless and underserved residents in the area.            society has a mission to feed the hungry. 

    “What is gratifying, a part from helping people in         “They (the students and the other volunteers)
need, is seeing WJU employees and alumni join our          accept this responsibility with all seriousness, since
students in this service project. It is a corporate proj-  they know that people will not eat if this service is not
ect doing a corporal work of mercy,” said Rev. Michael     provided,” he noted.

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