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Living the Mission

Plunge during fall break

His presentation had

an impact on Haley. Aber-

nathy talked about Trauma

Informed Community De-

velopment, which was de-

veloped as a response to

community trauma, which

we understand as wide

spread, multi-generation-

al, historical and complex

trauma.  This model was

developed by FOCUS

Pittsburgh in collaboration

with community mem-

bers, and researchers at

Duquesne University and

the University of Pitts-     WJU students immersed themselves in eight non-profits in Pittsburgh during fall break, including
burgh. “Trauma Informed      one run by Fr. Paul Abernathy, ’01 (back row, third from left)
Community Development

works to establish and promote healthy, healing mi- and become one of them, which is what he is doing

cro communities that have a culture of health and well in Pittsburgh,” Haley explained.

being within underserved trauma affected communi-     Buehlmann said for most of the students who par-

ties. All this in an effort to help people become healthy ticipated in the trip, it was their first time immersing

enough to sustain opportunity,” Abernathy added.      themselves in an outside service experience.

Haley will use this model developed by Abernathy      “One of the big benefits was that our students

in Pittsburgh, in rural West Virginia. He said many   were able to see that our alumni are living the mis-

West Virginians experience similar traumas due to     sion. It was inspiring for our students,” Buehlmann

generations of living in poverty and the exclusion they said.

face.                                                 “Our students also were able to see a more human

“The effects of their societal setting has impact-    side to issues affecting urban areas and were able to

ed their health and in many cases their ability to find connect their Jesuit education to real world situations.

good jobs. I want to see if I can take his model and  It was inspiring for our students to see some of our

implement it in areas of West Virginia. As Paul noted, alumni serving those in need. They saw alumni who

to fix a community you need to be in the community are examples of men and women in service to others

                                                      and living the mission everyday.”

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