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Living the Mission

class to feed area residents

ing in class and bring it to life. They      Funding to build the Neighbor-   to grow lettuce, herbs and other
will see that they can make an           hood Center Hydroponics Living       small plants indoors and year-
impact in Wheeling and be more           Wall was provided by Try This WV.    round. Our goal at the Neigh-
willing to do so in their own com-       The group provides ways to build     borhood Center is to engage our
munities. Right now, the students        healthier communities through        clients in choosing, growing and
view this from an environmental          funding of projects and turn         harvesting food that they will enjoy
perspective. I believe once they         key ways to expand the supply        after it is prepared through our
see the fruits of their labor come to    of fresh, health foods. A total of   kitchen. The expertise and hard
life, they will understand that they     $1,890 was given to purchase all     work of Dr. Railing and her
are living out Wheeling Jesuit’s         of the equipment and plants.         students makes this grant pos-
mission to be men and women in                                                sible. Between designing and
service to others,” Railing added.           Northern Regional Director for   building the hydroponics system
                                         Catholic Charities Andrea Staron     to teaching our clients how to care
    Student Brendan Arnall said          said the grant from Try This WV      for it, their assistance is essential
a project like this “educates the        was instrumental in funding the      for the project’s success. We are
community to see what the system         project and allowing the partner-    grateful to Wheeling Jesuit
can produce. They can spread             ship with Wheeling Jesuit to occur.  University for their extensive
word and perhaps others will build                                            involvement and service to the
hydroponic systems to help feed              “The two vertical hydroponic     Wheeling community.”
others in the community.”                systems will enable the Catholic
                                         Charities Neighborhood Center

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