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                      MISSION STATEMENT


                     The Jesuit traditions of educational excellence and service to others guide all the
                     programs at Wheeling Jesuit University. By integrating learning, research and economic
                     development with classical knowledge and Christian revelation, the University seeks
                     to foster competence, creativity and innovation throughout and beyond the campus
                     community. Graduates of the University enter the world of work with socially responsible
                     goals, a life long appetite for learning and the desire to make our universe a better place.


                     To model the Jesuit concern for regional and global neighbors, the University welcomes
                     people of all creeds, races and nationalities to share in the intelligent pursuit of
                     excellence. The University promotes close student-faculty contacts and encourages
                     students to develop their full potential for leadership. Through a grounding in the
                     liberal arts and, above all, example of Jesus Christ, the University endeavors to produce
                     intelligent, moral leaders who will champion the Jesuit values of faith, peace and justice.
                     Wheeling Jesuit envisions a dynamic leadership role for the University in the lives of its
                     students and in the world at large.


                     In its faculty and students, its research and outreach, the University is national and
                     international. Yet as the only Catholic institution of higher learning in West Virginia,
                     Wheeling Jesuit also values its distinctive mission to the immediate area, educating local
                     men and women and returning them to enrich their own communities. Wheeling Jesuit
                     University firmly believes its graduates will enter the professional world prepared to use
                     their God-given talents not solely for personal fulfillment but as men and women in
                     service to others.
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