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Hundreds return for Alu
Wheeling Jesuit University alumni returned to cam-
pus to find plenty of fun, sunshine and the 17-year      Rachel Smydo, this year’s O’Brien Award winner.
cicadas for Alumni Weekend 2016 June 17-19.
                                                             The weekend came to a close with the President’s
    Hundreds returned home to reunite with friends       Dinner — where a number of alumni were honored
and reminisce of the good ol’ days on campus.            for their work — by carrying on the mission of WJU
                                                         though their career and lives.
    This year’s anniversary classes included the class-
es of: 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996,       Four alumni were recognized for contributions
2001, 2006 and 2011.                                     made to their profession, society or to Wheeling
    Marking their 50th anniversary was the Class of
1966, which was inducted into the 50-Year Club on            The St. Ignatius Distinguished Alumni Award was
Friday evening.                                          presented to Michael Zuscik, Ph.D., class of 1987. The
                                                         award recognizes a graduate who exemplifies the Je-
    The classes of 1961 and 1966 were joined by WJU      suit ideals of extraordinary competence and personal
Professor Emeritus, Dr. Paul Orr, Friday evening for a   compassion in one’s chosen profession.
remake of “Our Town…Our College” in Troy Theater.
Dr. Orr served as the emcee for the special program
— featuring a series of vignette sketches.

    The Senior Ambassadors presented Fr. James
Fleming, S.J., WJU president, with a check for
$510,000. The donation, which came from gifts from
members of the first 15 graduating classes, is the
culmination of work that began in July 2015. The
group set a goal to raise $450,000 and surpassed
that amount.

    The “Archives Come Alive” project was a major
success. The project, which showcased the history
of WJU basketball, baseball, volleyball and women’s
lacrosse programs, along with WJU’s 10 presidents,
and historical pictures was the talk of Saturday’s pic-
nic style lunch in the McDonough Center.

    Warm water and a steady current helped make
the first-ever alumni raft race along Wheeling Creek
a success — creating a new tradition and competition
among the classes.

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