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umni Weekend

Fr. Fleming and Alumni Council President Pat Gannon with    Fr. Fleming and Pat Gannon congratulate
Sr. Kathleen Durkin ’71, Pedro Arrupe Distinguished Alumni          Lewis Award winner Lee Flanagan.
Award winner.

    Dr. Kathleen Durkin, class of 1971 was awarded the      dedication to Wheeling Jesuit University in the spirit
Rev. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Distinguished Alumni Award.         of one of the university’s founding Jesuits, Fr. Lewis.
The award recognizes a graduate who embodies the
ideals of Ignatian spirituality and is living a life com-       Rachel Smydo, class of 2000 was this year’s
mitted to serving others.                                   recipient of the Rev. James O’Brien, S.J. Award. The
                                                            award recognizes young alumni who manifest a
    The Rev. Clifford M. Lewis, S.J. Award, the high-       growing competence and personal compassion and
est honor presented by the alumni association, was          who exhibit strength and promise in areas reflecting
presented to Leo Flanagan, class of 1961. The award         WJU’s mission of educating men and women for life,
recognizes extraordinary service, contribution and          leadership and service to others.

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