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Alumni Weekend
                                                             brings back
The reunion classes elected 11 peo-
ple for induction into the 2016 Hall of
Honor, which was adorned with a new
plaque outside Swint Hall. The Hall of
Honor (HOH) provides alumni with a
voice to recognize former classmates,
faculty and staff for their contributions to
their profession, society and the great-
er WJU community. The 2016 HOH
inductees were:

Dennis Keogh, Class of 1961


Thomas Regan, Class of 1966                                  The 2016 Hall of Honor inductees


William Day, Class of 1971

Fred Salancy, Class of 1976

Linda Correll Leonard, Class of 1981

Anthony Eisel, Class of 1986

Carolyn Dalzell,
former WJU administrator,
elected by the Class of 1991


Timothy Fenton, Class of 1996

Lesley Kohlmyer, Class of 2001

Rev. Thomas Gallagher, Class of 2006

Samantha McGlumphy, Class of 2011

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