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1973                            1981                            Columbus alumni begin
                                                                quarterly gatherings
Alfreda Antonucci is            Leigh (Arslain) Kademenos
director of admissions for      is an evening triage nurse at    Alumni from the Columbus area began holding
Aidon Montessori School in      Ohio Center for Pediatrics.      quarterly gatherings. In May the group hosted its
Washington, D.C.                                                 first event which attracted about 15 alumni. On
                                1982                             August 15, joined together at the Rusty Bucket
Jim Gillin is an attorney with                                   on Olentangy Road for a second gathering. Look
Gillin & Associates in the      Bernie Glenn is owner of         for emails and posts on social media for future
Philadelphia area.              Bernie Glenn Insurance in        alumni events in Columbus.

1975                            1983

Andy Quinn works at             Dr. Peter Sullivan is an
Kennywood Park in               emergency medicine doctor
Pittsburgh.                     at The Cleveland Clinic. 

MaryAnne “Andi” (Soccio)        1986
Scheuble is a sales rep for
Cressy Memorial Group in        Charles Cooke is a college
Ind. She writes a monthly       instructor at Kankakee
column for the funeral          Community College in Il. 
industry trade journal titled
Designing Woman.                1987

1976                            Deborah Cooley is an
                                accountant for the U.S.
Steve Slayman is in IT          Senate.
project management at
Actionet, Inc.                  1989

1977                            Sue (Truskolaski)
                                Sokolowski is an attorney
John Hamm is CFO                with Cleaver & Sokolowski,
of Connected Nation             LLC in Ohio.
Exchange in TN. 

Rev. William Matheny is         1990
pastor of two parishes in
West Virginia — Our Lady        John Panagiotou has
of Grace in Romney and          been appointed a lecturer
Church of the Assumption        at Cummins Theological
in Keyser.                      Seminary.

Anthony Novacky is owner        1993
of Values Are Us, an online
wholesale business in Ohio.     Nancy Fields works for
                                Fidelity National Title in FL.
Johanna (Aucremanne)
Stoneking is a photographer     John Rowan is executive
and owner of Stoneking          director of the Oakview
Photography in VA.              Juvenile Residential Center,
                                a community corrections
                                facility in Ohio.

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