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Aaron Gofreed is a middle     John “Monte” McCormick         Mary “Madge” Emmerth,         Joseph Moses ’78 and
office examiner with BNY      ’02, son of Pat McCormick      mother of Paula (Emmerth)     Jerome Moses ’80 died
Mellon in PA.                 ’74, died Oct. 4.              McClure ’76, Gigi             Aug. 14.
                                                             (Emmerth) Hunter ’77 and
Daria Icen is employed by     Lawrence “Larry” Mirgon        Gregory Emmerth ’88, died     Daniel Naranch, spouse of
Akron Children’s Hospital.    ’62 died Jan. 8.               Sept. 26.                     Mary Liz (Teufel) Naranch
                                                                                           died Aug. 15.
Stephanie Katona is a         Sean Reilly ’99 died June 6.   Kathleen Freshwater,
registered nurse at UPMC                                     mother of Judy                Donald F. O’Brien, father of
Children’s Hospital,          William F. Sandifer II ’73     (Freshwater) Polak ’81 and    Patricia (O’Brien) Keys ’80,
Pittsburgh.                   died  Feb. 28.                 Mary (Freshwater) Geib        David Keys ’82 and Karen
                                                             ’87, died Aug. 8.             (O’Brien) O’Connell ’82
2015                          Phil Shapaka ’61 died July 2.                                and brother of Rev. James
                                                             Robert “Herk” Henry, Sr.,     O’Brien, S.J. and father-in-
Mike Bergman is an            Mary Carroll Shemo ’72,        father of Jenny (Henry)       law of Jim O’Connell ’82,
engineer at RF-Works.         spouse of John Shemo           Nettles ’91, Patrick Henry    died on Feb. 25.
                              ’70, died July 3.              ’92 and Cassie (Henry)
Kayla Gross is a resident                                    Merkle ’04 died Aug. 8.       Robert Yorke O’Brien
director at Glenville State   Jerry Smith ’67 died Mar. 2.                                 spouse of Ann
College in WV.                                               Former rector of the WJU      (Sharpenberg) O’Brien ’65,
                              Dorothy (Caine) Stewart        Jesuit Community, Rev.        died on Feb. 22.
Daniel Shelford is director   ’67 died Apr. 16.              George R. Hohman,
of CCU/SICU Raleigh                                          S.J. died Apr. 20.            James Everett Osborne,
General Hospital in NC.       Gary Stutler ’91 died Feb. 5.                                father of Jim Osborne ’74
                                                             Former WJU faculty            died Sept. 14.
2016                          Brittany (Foley) Thomas        member, Dr. Thomas
                              ’05 died Mar. 12.              G. Knorr, father of Mary      Edward Polli, father of Ed
Zach Crabtree is a national                                  (Knorr) Nelson ’79, Chris     Polli ’88, died Jan. 28.
account executive at LeSaint  Family, Staff                  Knorr ’80, Margaret (Knorr)
Logistics.                    & Friends                      Cruse ’81, Michael Knorr      Gregory Sacco, brother of
                                                             ’90 and Joseph Knorr ’95,     Orlando “Lanny” Sacco ’66
OBITUARIES                    Former WJU employee,           died Mar. 21.                 died Aug. 30.
Alumni                        Barbara Bowman, mother
                              of Carla (Bowman) Cash         Pamela May, daughter of       Virginia A. Sacco, mother
Gary Brown ’71, spouse        ’09 and grandmother of         Patricia (Cipoletti) May ’61  of Orlando “Lanny” Sacco
of Dianne (Corra) Brown       Kyle Cash ’13, died June 25.   and F. Peter May ’61 died     ’66, died May 23.
’69, died July 2.                                            Sept. 18.
                              Kathleen Branicky, mother                                    Charles Sassaman, father
Ann (Heim) Broz ’66,          of Celeste (Branicky) Kelly    Raymond Moll, father of       of Christine (Sassaman)
mother of Elaine Broz ’96     ’79 and Monica (Branicky)      Scott Moll ’87 died Apr. 2.   Findlay ’93 and Jill
and Linda (Broz) Delgross     Schemp ’81 and mother-                                       (Sassaman) Neuhaus
’91, died July 17.            in-law of Larry Kelly ’79,     Mary E. Morgenweck,           ’95, died July 27.
                              died Apr. 22.                  mother of Michelle
Andrew “Andy” Hammer                                         (Morgenweck) Mulholland       Mary Alice West Vingia
’92 died July 18.             Gary Brown, father of          ’80, and mother-in-law of     mother of Natalie (Vingia)
                              Kristine Brown ’96 and         Paul Mulholland ’80, died     Cox ’98 died Aug. 6.
Phil Lewton ’81, brother      William Brown ’00, died        Jan. 11.
of Jill (Lewton) Stevens      July 2.
’84, died Jan. 11.                                           Sophia Moses, mother of
                              Brent Bush, father of          John Moses ’74, Judith
                              Rebecca (Bush) Sturm ’04       (Moses) DiSarro ’77,
                              and father-in-law of Joseph
                              Sturm ’05, died July 2.

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