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    Wheeling Jesuit University President, Rev. James      beth Bain of Indianapolis, who encouraged her fellow
Fleming, S.J. told graduates, “As you face the world,     graduates to be thankful each day, and to live in the
work just as hard as you did while you were here.         moment.
And, when you leave here today, remember to pray. If
you don’t or forget, always remember we will be here          “My pop pop always said, ’I don’t know what I
praying for you.”                                         want to be when I grow up.’ He kept saying that until
                                                          the day he died.’ He lived that until the day he died.
    “All these years we have been cheering you on.        But, he lived in the moment, and was always open to
Cheering for you in the classroom, the laboratory and     whatever life presented him. He focused on relation-
on the athletic field, and after today, we will continue  ships, not degrees or jobs titles. It is now our respon-
to cheer for you,” said Fr. Fleming, as he switched his   sibility as Wheeling Jesuit graduates to make other
commencement cap briefly to wear his NCAA Na-             lives livable and to be men and women for others,”
tional Championship hat.                                  Bain added.

    Also addressing the class was Valedictorian Eliza-        In addition to recognizing student achievement,

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