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WJU presented Dr. Andrew Staron, assistant pro-          Student Awards
fessor in theology the Rev. Edward Gannon, S.J.
Teaching Award. The award is presented to a faculty      Student medals and awards and their recipients
member who is an outstanding teacher and scholar,        that were given during the ceremony include:
and exemplifies the Jesuit tradition of service to the
university and wider community.                          HENRY F. PAULS MEDAL
                                                         for highest four-year averages
    Also honored were longtime faculty members Dr.
Helen Faso and Dr. Theodore Erickson. Both were            Elizabeth Marie Bain, Bachelor of Science
presented with professor emeritus status. Faso retired     Mollie Jo Monroe, Bachelor of Arts
at the conclusion of the 2015-16 academic year. She
retires with 36 years of service. Erickson, who retired  Wheeling Jesuit University Medal
in 2015 had 35 years.                                    for second highest four-year averages

                                                           Molly Kay Hubbs, Bachelor of Science
                                                           Elizabeth Claire Nawrocki, Bachelor of Arts

                                                         ANTHONY T. BASIL MEDAL
                                                         for adult education

                                                           Kellie Anne Barr, Highest Average

                                                         RUSSELL E. YOUNKINS MEDAL
                                                           Lauren Patricia Novotney, M.B.A.
                                                           Kyle Michael Beaver, M.B.A.

                                                         MARK W. BISCHOF MEDAL
                                                           Jennifer L. Sayre, M.S.A.

                                                         FRANK R. HAIG, S.J. SCIENCE AWARD
                                                           Gyen Hyung Lee

                                                         KATHERINE FOUTS MEDAL
                                                           Erin Marcum

                                                         MARY WOOMER MEDAL
                                                           Sarah Sleevi

                                                         ARCHBISHOP JOHN J. SWINT MEDAL
                                                           Brady Kukawka

                                                           Elizabeth Marie Bain

                                                           Molly Kay Hubbs

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