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Archive of obituaries - Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Administration

Robinson:  Jeanne Otey Robinson '77 died on December 8, 2003.

McKeets:  Christine Busack McKeets '81 died on December 7, 2003.

Mansuetto  Susan Loder Mansuetto '65 died on October 30, 2003.

Kelly:  Robert P. Kelly, Jr. '64 died on October 18, 2003.

Jessen:  Dirk G. Jessen '63 died on August 9, 2003.

Fiala: George J. Fiala '69 died on March 10, 2003.

Broz:  Oliver S. Broz, husband of Ann Heim Broz '66 and father of Elaine M. Broz '96 and Linda Broz Gillespie '91, died on February 14, 2003.

Reynolds:  Gerald "Gerry" Reynolds '60 died on August 30, 2003.

Brammer:  Timothy M. Brammer '87, former WJU adjunct professor, died on August 11, 2003.

Rev. Joseph A. Burke, S.J. died on April 3, 2003. He served in many positions at Wheeling Jesuit University, including first Chairman of the Board of Directors from 1973-1976; again as a member of the Board of Directors from 1989-2000; as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1965-1976 and again from 1988-2000; as Chair of the Board of Trustees from 1974-1976 and again from 1990-2000; as the first Chancellor from 1995-2000; as Rector of the Jesuit Community and as Dean.

Beckett:  Gregroy S. Beckett died on February 24, 2003.

Dr. Ron Crisp '67 died on October 11, 2002.

Peter Edmund Daley '66, husband of Alexandra (Stanish) Daley '67, died on September 17, 2003.

James A. DeBolt, Jr. "Jamie", former WJU physical plant employee and brother of Wendy J. Fordyce, WJU physical plant secretary, died on January 1, 2003.

Sharon Emmerth '78 died September 28, 2003.  Her mother, Mary "Madge" Emmerth, is a long-time member of the WJU Charter Guild.  Her siblings who attended WJU include Paula (Emmerth) McClure '76, Mary "Gigi" (Emmerth) Hunter '77, Greg Emmerth '88, and Greta (Emmerth) Swann.  Her aunt, Mary Kay (Beltz) Emmerth '59 is also an alumna.

Jonathan Gold, Ph.D., longtime adjunct professor at Wheeling Jesuit University and professor of philosophy at West Liberty State College, died on July 25, 2003.

William G. Hillenbrand '61 died on March 11, 2003.

William R. Kirby '64 died on July 21, 2000. Mary Ellen Oesterle '68 died on January 27, 2003.

Linda Papini, WJU NTTC quality assurance administrator in the market and technology department and mother of Danielle Lynn Papini '99, died on April 23, 2003.

Janet L. Rine, former manager of the Wheeling College Bookstore, and mother of Sue Ellen (Rine) Miller '84, died on February 23, 2003.

Elizabeth "Betty" Robb, former student and member of the Charter Guild at Wheeling Jesuit University, died on May 5, 2003.

Josephine Savaro, first librarian at Wheeling College, died in January 2003.

Gregory Scott, former WJU evening division student, died on February 24, 2003.

George E. Sonnefeld '69 died on March 26, 2003.

Susan K. Tittle, WJU housekeeper and sister of Cheryl Sickle former WJU secretary in the physical plant and business office, died on March 24, 2003.

Joseph Ziskey '62 died on July 29, 2003.


Archive of obituaries - Family and Friends

Sunita Bajaj, mother of Prem Bajaj WJU NTTC licensing program manager, died on July 21, 2003.

Harold E. Bandi, father of Daniel A. Bandi '82 and Lawrence E. Bandi '86 '93 MBA, died on December 29, 2002.

Mary M. Bartolovich, mother of Joan (Bartolovich) Dabelko '61.
Robert E. Beatty, father of John E. Beatty '88 and father-in-law of William Ebbert '64, died on March 23, 2003.

Clare (Zeyer) Biscan, grandmother of Beverly Barker '97 MBA and Janice (Biscan) Banks '89, died on December 29, 2002.

Stella C. Broz, grandmother of Elaine M. Broz '96 and Linda (Broz) Gillespie '91, and mother-in-law of Ann (Heim) Broz '66, died on September 30, 2002.

Anna M. Castilow, mother of Alvin R. Castilow, Jr. '59, died on June 22, 2001.

Bernice Correll, mother of Linda Anne (Correll) Leonard '81, died on January 30, 2003.

Paul A. DiBacco, father of Lori Marie DiBacco '93 and brother of Fr. John V. DiBacco, Jr. '62, died on January 1, 2003.

Ben Exley III, friend of WJU, died on December 23, 2002.

Gracie (Bell) Fetty, mother of Owen Fetty '93 '98 MBA and mother-in-law of Judy Fetty '89, died on December 29, 2003.

Paul W. Fields, friend of WJU, died on March 3, 2003.

Robert John Foster Sr., father of Robert J. Foster Jr. '86 '92, died on March 31, 2003.

Jamison George, son of Lisa (Rhodes) George '82, died in 2003.
Harry L. Gordon, father of Gina (Gordon) Bosley, former student, died on February 24, 2003.

John Guggino, father of Lisa (Guggino) Abrams '85 died on November 17, 2002.

Richard B. Harvey, father of Stephen Harvey '79, Died on February 2, 2003.

The father of John Heiberger '66 '79 died January 10, 2003.
Katherine (Hagan) Hores, mother of James F. Hores '67. Died on February 7, 2003.

William Franklin Hughes, father of Andrea Ann Hughes '99 died on September 23, 2000.

Susan Anne Hughes, mother of Andrea Ann Hughes '99 died on November 28, 2002.

Clarence Julian, father of Chuck Julian Manager of Knowledge-Based Services & Intellectual Property at WJU's NTTC and father-in-law of Barbara Julian Head of Circulation and Interlibrary Loans with WJU's Bishop Hodges Library, died on January 23, 2003.

Sy Kolesza, husband of Matilda (Bott) Kolesza '79, died in July 1999.

The father of Donna Mason, academic clinical coordinator for WJU's nuclear medicine department, died in February of 2003.
William K. Matheny, Sr., father of Fr. William K. Matheny, Jr. '77, died in February of 2003.

Bill Mayfield, brother of Denise Johnson '99, died on September 16, 2003.

Ernest W. McCombs, brother of Catherine (McCombs) McCabe '95, died on March 1, 2003.

Casey Miller, son of Amy Miller, formerly in the WJU Admissions department, died on July 4, 2003.

Thomas L. Montes, brother-in-law of Ron Faulk '77, died on February 25, 2003.

Catherine M. Nangle, mother of Karen (Nangle) Wenstrup '71 died on December 12, 2002.

Mary Delores (Quinn) Naum, predeceased by her daughter Sheila (Naum) Kerrane '62, died on March 16, 2003.

Dr. Andres L. Oliver, husband of Catherine (Oliver) Gatto '72, died on April 11, 2003.

Edward Parchetto, uncle of Mary (McGuire) Moore '66, died on February 3, 2003.

Simon Patrick Plunkett, father of Patrick Plunkett, WJU assistant professor and chair of the computer science department, died on May 6, 2003.

George Ruble, father of Michael Ruble '89, died on March 11, 2003.

Dorothy (Stubock) Samol, mother of Robert J. Samol '69 and Thomas C. Samol '73, died on March 27, 2003.

Karen L. Shepherd, wife of Don Shepherd '74 and sister-in-law of Mary Jo Daniel, WJU CET Challenger Center program registrar, died on July 26, 2003.

Robert F. Sladek, Sr., father of Robert F. Sladek, Jr. '64, died on February 11, 2003.

Betty Lee (Pape) Szafran, mother of Dale Szafran '80, died on August 16, 2003.

Edward Utz, father of former student, Edward D. Utz, died on April 24, 2003.

Susan Thompson, mother of Michelle Thompson '99, died in September 2003.

Lawrence L. Wade, father of Roger Wade '83, died on February 10, 2003.

Alvin Wisniewski, husband of former faculty member Mary Jo Wisniewski, died on April 24, 2003.

Dr. Regis Anthony Wolff, father of Matthew Wolff, WJU CET video producer, died on August 27, 2003.

Sophie Hanna Woolslayer (Zhang An Quan), infant daughter of Heather (Haggerty) Woolslayer and Don Woolslayer, died this past November 2002. She was born on April 12, 2002 in the Hunan Province of China.

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