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The ARC Tutors - Spring Semester 2015
Call the ARC at 304.243.4473 to schedule
an appointment or ask about tutor availability.

Click on the tutor name for schedule information.
Name Tutoring Areas
Abby Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO-128)
Addison Computer Science I & II (CSC-110 & CSC-112)
Aimee Logic & Knowledge (PHI-105) - Prof. Stover
Andrew Nursing - Care Plans, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Clinical Nutrition, & more...
Anna Writing
Ashtyne Philosophy (PHI-105/205/305...), World Community (INS-111), & Political Science
Brady Philosophy (PHI-105/205/305)
Cassandra Writing
Cecilia Mathematics (MAT-101/105/108)
Celeste Writing
Dave Statistics (MAT-105), Principles of Finance (FIN-311),
Macroeconomics (ECO-110) & Microeconomics (ECO-221)
DoHeum Biology (BIO-108/109), Chemistry (CHE-110/120/221/222),
Calculus I (MAT-111)
Dylan Biology (BIO-105/107/108/109/121)
Elizabeth Chemistry (CHE-105/107/110/120/221/222)
Falon History, Writing, Word Community (INS-111), & Political Science
Harry Organic Chemistry (CHE-221/222)
Jackie Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO-128/129)
Jessica Accounting (ACC-123/124/211/212)
Joelle Accounting (ACC-123/124)
Kaitlyn Writing & French
Karen Writing, English as a 2nd Language (ESL), Learning Strategies - Time Management, Study Skills, Test Taking, Test Anxiety, & more...
Kylie Spanish (SPA-101/102/106/203)
Laney English as a Second Language (ESL)/Writing
Libby Spanish (SPA-101/102/106/203)
Lindsay Philosophy (PHI-105)
Mary Writing
Michael Macroeconomics (EC0-110), Microeconomics (ECO-221), &
QBA (BUS-221)
Patrick Writing & Literature
Philip Writing
Rebecca Writing, General Psychology (PSY-110), & Statistics
for Behavioral Sciences (PSY-115)
Sean Mathematics (MAT-101/108/111/112/211...)
Stacie History & Writing
Steven History, History Papers, Chicago Style
Taylor Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO-128/129)
Wolfgang Writing, Physics (PHY-110/120/130)


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