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Latest Scores
BB 4/22 Cal PA 4-6
BB 4/23 Fairmont 5-15
SB 4/23 Fairmont 0-8
LX 4/24 St. Vincent 11-12
SB 4/25 Salem 2-0
LX 4/26 Seton Hill 9-10
BB 4/26 West Liberty 4-5
BB 4/26 West Liberty 6-7
SB 4/27 Charleston 1-2
Upcoming Events
BB 12-25-0 (4-12-0)
SB 24-16-1 (17-9-1)
LX 4-8


Hall of Fame

Call for Nominees

Criteria for Nominations

  • A graduate of Wheeling Jesuit University (candidate must have graduated 10 years ago to be considered)

  • Participated on a varsity, intercollegiate team

  • Athletic excellence in the candidate's given sport(s)

  • A significant contributor to the Wheeling Jesuit University athletic program (special "honorary" category for faculty members, coaches and administrators)

Please include a one page summary detailing why your nominee should be elected to the Wheeling Jesuit University Hall of Fame.

Please send nominations to:

Athletic Director
Wheeling Jesuit University
316 Washington Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003

WJU Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1987 to honor former student-athletes, coaches or other members of the WJU community who have made significant contributions to the success of the WJU athletic programs. To date, 55 individuals have been enshrined in the Athletic Hall of Fame. Nine individuals who represent the athletic department, WJU faculty, alumni office, Cardinal Athletic Club and the Jesuit Community make up the Hall of Fame committee. After the committee selects the candidates for induction the university holds a Hall of Fame banquet held during the fall seasons.


The following is a list of all the current members Hall of Fame members along with year of induction:

Image that reads: 1987.

Tom Santer

Joan Doverspike Davison

John Aluise

Image that reads: 1988.

Rodney Gaddy

Dicky Kelly

Jed O'Connell

Debbie DiFalco

Image that reads: 1989.

Paul Mulholland

Jim Dipiero

Joyce Kaczynski McCarthy

Image that reads: 1990.

Sandy Marstiller Chittenden

Jeff Kepreos

Michelle Adriaansen Konyndyk

Image that reads: 1991.

Alan Anderson

Tom Carrigan

Peri Powell

Image that reads: 1992.

Tom Conroy

Image that reads: 1993.

Francis MacDonald

Image that reads: 1994.

Don Mercer

Mike Connor

Carol August

Image that reads: 1995.

Dave Foose

Jackie Ernest Reinbeau

Dana Downs

Vicki Weber

Ruskin Mark

Kitty McCready

David Rea

Image that reads: 1996.

Wendy Winghart

Wayne McNulty

Shawn Straughn

Billy Kenny

Image that reads: 1997.

Mary Myers

Stacey Dabose

Clyde Joseph

Image that reads: 1998.

Henry Sutherland

Jim O'Brien

Leanie Krisciunas

Tony Presutti

Image that reads: 1999.

Jason Griffith

Paul Renowicz

Ann Edgett

Kathy Long

Image that reads: 2000.

Paul McIntyre

Chrissy (Sassaman) Findlay

Kim (Mihalyo) Abdalah

Stephen Cleary


Scott Bittner

Carrie (Plute) Hanna


Paul Baker

Don Hustead

Diane Wichlinski


James McGrogan
Howard "Corky" Korth


Ed Coyne

Jolene Krar Ciccarelli


Cynthia Aviles

Cindy Robertson

Mark Swiger

Several uniform numbers have been retired in certain sports. They are:

Men's Basketball - Mike Connor (#32), Shawn Straughn (#35)
Women's Basketball - Kathy Long (#35)
Men's Soccer - Alan Anderson (#2)
Women's Soccer - Carrie Plute (#22)
Softball - Peri Powell (#23)

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