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Latest Scores
2-16 Wingate 10-16
2-24 #4 Limestone 6-18
2-29 Briarcliffe 5-18
3-2 Lees McRae 5-13
3-4 St. Andrews 13-10
3-21 #4 CW Post 4-15
4-4 Dominican 9-8
4-12 Belmont Abbey 9-10
4-16 Mercyhurst 6-10
4-20 Notre Dame de Namur 7-13
4-24 St. Vincent 11-12
4-26 Seton Hill 9-10
Season Records
Overall: 4-8


Press Releases


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Cardinals Pick Up Two Wins

WHEELING, W.V.—Wheeling Jesuit men’s lacrosse team defeated first year program Briarcliffe College 18-5 and Lees McRae College 13-5 over the Spring Break. Wheeling comes even on the season 2-2.

Trevor Veres led the Cardinals with three goals and three assists over their win against Briarcliffe. Joe Jolit aslo added three goals.

Nine other Cardinal players found the goal: Eric Jenkins, Mike Jacques, Jeff Arneson, and John Miller had two goals. Jack Malone, Cory rusinek, William Walton, and Luke Janssen had one goal. Jack Malone led the Cardinals in assists with five.

Wheeling Jesuit goalkeepers Joe Sims, Tony Tatro, and Tim Priskey recorded had a combined 8 saves on 16 shots during the contest.

Wheeling out-shot Briarcliffe 54-16, and had a 38-16 advantage on ground balls. The Cards were 5-for-9 on extra-man opportunities.

Lees McRae Game

Wheeling Jesuit defeated Lees McRae 13-5 Sunday. Wheeling Jesuit improved to 2-2 on the season.

John Miller led the Cardinals in goals with four while Trevor Veres added three goals and 3 assists in the win.

Jack Malone and Joe Joliat each scored twice with Jeff Arneson and Colin Jack each scoring once.

Wheeling will host St. Andrews College on Tuesday March 4th at 1pm at Wheeling Island Stadium.


Image of the NCAA men's lacrosse logo.


GAFFNEY, S.C.—The No. 4-ranked Limestone College men’s lacrosse team defeated Wheeling Jesuit University 18-6 on Sunday afternoon at Saints Field. Limestone improves to 2-0 on the season as the Cardinals slip to 0-2.

Allen Vaughn (Skaneateles, N.Y.) led the Saints with four goals and tallied two assists. Brendan Storrier (LaFayette, N.Y.) had a game-high five assists and scored twice. Brock Spilker (Pasadena, Md.) scored three goals and tallied an assist.

The Saints’ Justin Haworth (Deer Park, N.Y.) and Thomas Langan (Potomac, Md.) scored two goals each, as Jake Rogalia (Liverpool, N.Y.), Spencer Wims (Waltham, Mass.), Mike Poerstal (Annapolis, Md.), Jeff Santo (Baltimore, Md.), and Matt Pinder (Centreville, Md.) also scored goals for Limestone. Greg Kacinko (Alpharetta, Ga.) and Teddy Prager (Seaford, N.Y.) recorded assists.

Jack Malone (Farmington Hills, Mich.) scored three goals for Wheeling Jesuit as Eric Jenkins (Pleasanton, Calif.) scored twice. Mike Jacques (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) also had a goal.

Limestone’s C.J. Ciaravino (Linden, Mich.) won 14 of 19 face-offs, while Jeff Hunter (Shoreham, N.Y.) was 6-for-8 in face-off attempts. Rogalia picked up six ground balls for the Saints, while Prager and Matt Fields (Poolesville, Md.) scooped up five each.

Saint goalkeeper James Tuohy (Levittown, N.Y.) recorded seven saves in the first 50 minutes, and Johnny Rodriguez (Gambrills, Md.) finished out the game for Limestone and recorded two saves.

Wheeling Jesuit goalkeeper Joe Sims (Dublin, Ohio) had 23 saves during the contest.

Limestone out-shot Wheeling Jesuit 54-20, and had a 48-25 advantage on ground balls. The Saints were 4-for-11 on extra-man opportunities.


Kevin Tyska's untimely death Jan. 21 left the Wheeling Jesuit men's lacrosse program without a coach. Former player Chris Fox has since put aside his NLL aspirations to take over for the Cardinals.
(Photo: John Strohsacker)

Article reposted with permission form Lacrosse magazine editor Matt

'1-2-3 KT'

Former WJU player Chris Fox answers call, saddles NLL hopes to take over program after Kevin Tyska's untimely death.

Feb. 18, 2008

by Jac Coyne, Lacrosse Magazine Online Staff

When Chris Fox picked up his cell phone off the kitchen counter at his home in Wallaceburg, Ontario, he was amazed at the amount of new messages he had. He scanned through the various numbers, recognizing many of them; friends from his days as a Wheeling Jesuit University lacrosse player.

Scrolling down further, he noticed others that looked vaguely familiar. He wracked his brain trying to place the digits.

Then he got that queasy feeling in his stomach that comes with the unknown.

"Finally, one person triggered it in my head: okay, something happened at campus," said Fox.

Fox would never have guessed what happened. Not in a hundred years. It just didn't seem possible. Kevin Tyska, the fourth-year head coach at the Division II school in West Virginia, had gone home the afternoon of Jan. 21 complaining of not feeling well. Later that evening, he was gone.

"The first thing that went through my head was, 'How?' The guy was in amazing shape," said Fox. "It's just something you don't expect. He was 43."

Tyska's passing was especially tough for Fox. While Tyska had a rapport with all his players, his relationship with Fox grew over the summer of 2005. Fox decided to stay in Wheeling for the break and help Tyska in the team office. Tyska would even have Fox, who was entering his senior year, over for dinner.

While the friendship between coach and player blossomed during that summer internship, Fox was impressed with Tyska the minute he saw him. Wheeling Jesuit had played the fall of 2004 without a coach, but the university finally brought in a pair of candidates prior to the start of the spring season. The first candidate was solid, Fox said.

Tyska, as irrepressible as always, took the interview chair second.

"As soon he left, it was unanimous. Everybody wanted him," said Fox.

There was just something about Tyska that the players on the interview committee gravitated towards. He definitely knew his Xs and Os, but there was always something bubbling just below the surface. It was a sense of urgency that struck a chord with a bunch of gung-ho lacrosse guys.

"He was probably the most intense individual about anything who you'll meet in your life," said Fox. "The man loved Dunkin' Donuts, and he'd have an hour and half conversation with you about Dunkin' Donuts. From the beginning of the conversation to the end, he was just as intense."

The thought of that fire being extinguished was devastating.

"I let it all sink in and went through all the emotions. Just complete and total shock. Denial," said Fox. "I got upset when I started thinking about his young family. I was really close with Coach. I'd go to barbecues at his house."

With those memories fresh in his mind, Fox showed up in Wheeling, W.V., on Wednesday for the visitation and subsequent funeral. That first night, he met with fellow lacrosse alumni and talked about what they wanted for the program in the wake of Tyska's untimely death.

Fox, along with some others, drafted a letter to the athletic department extending all of the help they could provide, whether it was coaching contacts or recommendations. They owed it to Coach Tyska, he figured, to keep the current Cardinals on a consistent path.

The next day, Danny Sancomb, the WJU athletic director, called Fox to talk about his letter. A couple of hours later, another call from Sancomb came through.

By the way, Chris, this would be a de facto job interview for the men's lacrosse job.

Fox had no intention of throwing his hat in the coaching ring for his mentor's old job. Since he left the Whittier College women's program, where he was an assistant, Fox was whipping himself into shape for a run at spot in National Lacrosse League. He attended the NLL combine in Philadelphia and was preparing for open tryouts with Boston and Buffalo when the league's labor problems arose last fall. The strike forced Fox to put his dreams on hold for a year, but he had received sponsorship and a visa to play professional lacrosse in Melbourne, Australia.

Now he was being asked to follow in Tyska's footsteps.

"When they asked if I wanted to interview for the job, that's when the wheels really started turning. How am I going to do this? I've played with some of these guys," said Fox. "I was picking up my life and moving again - since graduation I haven't lived anywhere longer than five months. It went through my head, 'I'm doing this again.'"

"But once they officially offered me the job, I just said, 'I have to go.'"

Fox considered it an an honor to follow through on what Tyska had built for this season, but he took the job more to help the players who were part of the program he still loves.

"Speaking with the other alumni, we wanted more than somebody coming in and just getting by," said Fox. "In the alum's eyes, we wanted someone who knew what the program was like, what the campus was like, what the process was about."

"When I was here I went through three head coaches, so I'm used to the transition period these guys are going through. I realized I had the exact same loss that they had. Maybe not immediate because he wasn't my coach anymore, but he was still a very good friend of mine."

After a trip home to Wallaceburg to collect his things, Fox returned to Wheeling Jesuit on his birthday, Jan. 31, and met the team as they were finishing practice at 10 p.m. He could still see the hurt in the player's eyes and a sense of disarray. He knew he had a lot of work to do to get these players back on track.

"It's hard for me, because I don't know whether it was something in class, a girlfriend, or something at home. Or whether it is Coach," said Fox. "I really have to ask them, 'Hey what's going on?' The main thing I tell them - and it's something Coach would say - is don't show it in your game.

"Coach told me this when I was going through a tough time here: lacrosse has to be your escape for things like this. And that's going to be hard for these guys, because Coach was lacrosse for them. They are going to have to separate that now."

They will have to compartmentalize their feelings for their old coach because other teams aren't going give them any breaks simply because of the turmoil of the last month. Wheeling Jesuit lost its opener to Wingate and a road game against No. 4 Limestone looms this weekend. No. 7 C.W. Post and No. 2 Mercyhurst are slated for later this spring. Fox and the Cardinals would love to improve on last season's 5-8 mark, but they know it will be tough.

"Success is going to be measured a lot differently this year," admitted Fox. "You always measure success on championships and wins and that's still our focus, but the main thing is these young men make the best out of the situation.

"We all, in our own way, remember Coach every day. I think that's very important. But we never want to dwell on the fact that he's not here anymore. We don't want it be a negative thing. We almost have to treat it as a positive and come together and overcome something that's tragic and never planned for. This is one of the ultimate life experiences that these young men are going to have. Life will throw you a curveball.

"One of the main things that Coach Tyska said was always be prepared and always be proactive. Always have something set and something solid you can go back to so it's not a big shock. Coach always wanted players to be self-accountable. If they are self-accountable, they won't lose a step. Yeah, coach isn't here anymore, but they know in the back of their heads what Coach would be saying to them if they screwed up. Or if they didn't do this right."

The Wheeling Jesuit players will see daily reminders of Kevin Tyska. The Cardinals will wear a helmet sticker and have an embroidered emblem on their uniform memorializing their him. They end every practice with a "1-2-3, KT," chant.

But the most realistic reminder of their coach's passing will be on the sidelines this season.

Tyska's son, Jake, 7, will be the water boy for Wheeling Jesuit. Jake has the same fiery, intense attitude of his old man - Fox describes him as "a little terror" - and will provide a motivational catalyst for the players and coaches when things get tough. Tyska's wife, Cyd, and two daughters, Ellie and Samantha, will be in attendance for as many games as they can, Fox said.

Cyd and the kids would rather see their husband and father on the sidelines, but having Fox act as caretaker for Tyska's extended family provides some solace.

"I'm here not to so much replace him, but do the things that I see that need to be done," said Fox. "I'm here for the players more than anything."

When all those numbers showed up on his phone a month ago, Fox could have never guessed they would mark the death of a friend and a mentor. Nor could he have imagined it would lead him to the head coaching position at his alma mater.

Fox still considers himself a lacrosse player and might have been better served to spend a season playing professionally overseas to achieve his goal of reaching the NLL. He could have easily fulfilled his obligation to his former coach and friend with a donation to the school or a recommendation for a new coach, but Fox accepted an emotionally taxing job that will likely result in more losses than wins.

Chris Fox may have missed all the different messages people were trying to send him on Jan. 21, but he definitely answered the call.

Note: This article is one in a series of small college columns authored by LMO editor Jac Coyne. Click here for more, or contact Coyne at




Kevin Tyska Memorial Fund Continues

Click here to donate, please.

Memorial contributions continue to be collected as a response to the untimely death of Kevin Tyska, former lacrosse head coach at the university.

Donations may be sent to WJU, c/o Kevin Tyska Memorial Fund, Development Office, Wheeling Jesuit University, 316 Washington Avenue, Wheeling, WV. 26003

Tyska died unexpectedly Monday, January 21, 2008 at home. He was 43.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his loving wife of nine years, Cyd Bucal Tyska; three children, Jake, Ellie and Samantha, all at home; two brothers, Craig Tyska and his wife, Donna, and their children, Kayla and Kendra, all of Guilford, Conn. and Chris Tyska and his daughter, Jessica of Hollis, N.H.; a sister, Asha McLaughlin and her husband, Mark, and their sons, Oliver and Lucian, all of California; and aunt, Ginger McHale of Fort Myers, Fla.; and an uncle, Tim Parsons and his wife, Sue of Norway, Maine and their daughter, Frances.

There will be a memorial mass at Resurrection Church, 449 Broad St., Nashua, N.H., at noon, Saturday, Feb. 16. A reception immediately follows at the Lawrence Barn on Depot Road in Hollis, N.H. All are welcome.



University Mourns Lacrosse Head Coach Kevin Tyska

Kevin Tyska, head coach of the Wheeling Jesuit University Cardinal Lacrosse team, died unexpectedly Monday, January 21, 2008 at home.

Arriving in Wheeling in 2005, Tyska had high hopes as his team looked forward this Spring to his fourth campaign as head coach. His goal was to balance out the team roster with greater depth, and he successfully did so by recruiting 19 freshmen to Campus in 2006, while solidifying the pool of upperclass talent. The recruits on his team added greater geographic diversity to Wheeling Jesuit, as many of his players were from lacrosse-rich states like Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Canada, and Colorado. Teams which they played were from North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York, among other states.

At one point in the 2006 campaign, the Cardinals were ranked tenth in the nation among NCAA-Division II programs. A native of Connecticut, Tyska brought 18 years of high school and college coaching experience to the Cardinal program. His previously coached at Boston College, Rutgers University, Quinnipiac College, Lasell College and St. Anselm College.

Involved in lacrosse since he was nine years old, he began playing in Lake Braddick, Virginia. He was an all-state player in Connecticut. He attended the University of New Haven as a freshman, and then transferred to the University of Delaware. After being red-shirted in 1985, he was a two-year starter on defense. His team was 12th in the nation in 1986 and captured the East Coast Conference Championship.

Tyska resided in Wheeling with his wife Cyd and children, Jake, Ellie and Samantha.

Friends received on Friday, January 25, 2008 from 5-8 p.m at the Kepner Funeral Home, National Road at Bethany Pike, Wheeling.

Funeral Liturgy with the Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at 10 a.m. at St Michael Catholic Church, 1225 National Road Wheeling, with the Reverend Anthony Cincinnati and the Reverend Paul Stark, S.J. as con celebrants.

Interment will be held at the convenience of the family.

Memorial contributions may be sent to Wheeling Jesuit University, c/o Kevin Tyska Memorial Fund, Development Office, Wheeling Jesuit University, 316 Washington Avenue, Wheeling, WV 26003 payable to Wheeling Jesuit University, Memo: In honor of Kevin Tyska.

Personal condolences may be offered to the family at


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